Yellow Crowned Amazon


Yellow Crowned Amazon


The Yellow Crowned Amazon is a green Amazon with yellow-green underbelly. It gets its name from the yellow patch on the crown. The feathers on the back of the head have heavy black edges, and the wing and speculum have a bright red edge. The underside of the tail is yellow-green, with a red mark at the base of each feather. An unfeathered white ring surrounds the orange eye. The legs are gray, and the beak is light gray with some pink on the upper section towards the base.

Juveniles have a lighter green coloration, with more black on the edges of the feathers behind the head and less yellows and reds. 

Yellow-headed Parrots have a larger body than Double Yellow-headed Amazons, but they are smaller. From the top of the head to the tip of the tail, mature birds are around 13 – 15 inches (33 – 38 cm) long. They mature between the ages of 4 and 5, and have a lifespan of 60 to 80 years.


The Yellow-crowned Amazon is one of numerous Amazons with yellow on their heads or necks that seem remarkably similar. The Amazon is also known as the Single Yellow-headed Amazon. This was done to distinguish it from the Double Yellow-headed Amazon Amazona oratrix, which has a yellow head and nape. The Yellow-naped Amazon (Amazona auropalliata) is another species with yellow markings on the nape of the neck rather than the crown.

The Panama is a subspecies of the Yellow-crowned and belongs to the ochrocepha group. These two are quite similar, but the Panama’s green plumage is a darker hue, it is slightly smaller, and it lacks the Yellow-crowned parrot’s reddish orange mark on the upper half of the beak.


The Amazon parrot, also known as the Yellow-fronted Amazon, is a playful, intelligent, and friendly bird. Because these birds are intelligent, they are simple to tame and train. They will soon learn to imitate noises and can become an excellent communicator. They adore companionship and become fast friends with their owner because they are quite gregarious.


Care and feeding of Yellow Crowned Amazon parrots


Fruits, herbs, seeds, nuts, and perhaps some protein make up the Yellow-crowned Amazon’s diet in the wild. A diversified diet for a pet bird should include a high-quality seed mix or pelleted meal, as well as plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Pellets can be effective if started at a young age.

There is plenty of nutritious human food available, and they prefer chicken. They prefer to dine at the table and with their families. When it’s time for dinner, they’ll let you know.


Yellow Crowned Amazon Social Behaviors


The Yellow-crowned Amazon enjoys interacting with humans as well as other birds. They are exceptionally social birds that live in flocks in the wild. They are observed in pairs or flocks, ranging in size from tiny groups to hundreds of birds. When they reach sexual maturity, they form permanent pairings as well.

An amazon is not the bird for you if you want to be quiet. It is an extremely gregarious bird that enjoys human company and enjoys playing. They’ll pick up new tricks and enjoy the interaction and games. The Amazon with the Yellow Front will provide you with a lot of laughs and a lot of joy.




The Yellow-fronted Amazon requires a large cage. Amazon parrot cages should not be too confining, so choose one that will make your pet feel at ease. It is their territory and a safe haven for them. This parrot enjoys climbing and playing, as well as spreading its wings. A cage with a play pen top should be 2 x 3 feet wide, 2 1/2 to 5 feet high, and 2 1/2 to 5 feet tall. Having a hanging perch above that for climbing is fantastic.

Yellow-crowned Parrots can survive a wide range of temperatures, but they must be kept out of drafts. They appreciate being out of their cage on a playpen, where they can interact with their person and play with toys. A variety of perches of various sizes and textures should be employed. It is easier for them to perch on a rougher textured perch than than the smooth, doll-rod ones, and it is better for their feet and legs. A concrete perch can be used as the cage’s highest perch, close to a toy. They will perch there at various points throughout the day, saving them (and you) the trouble of getting their nails filed.

Bath time may be a lot of fun if you learn to enjoy it. Make it enjoyable by spritzing your amazon with water or an aloe spritz, or simply putting him in the kitchen sink. Your amazon will show you how to bathe him the way he prefers.


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