Winter White Dwarf Hamster for sale


Winter White Dwarf Hamster for sale

Winter White Dwarf Hamster for sale,the Winter White dwarf hamster is one of the most popular hamster breeds out there and makes a perfect first pet. They are very closely related to the Campbell’s dwarf hamster and are often confused with this species but there are a few small differences that we will touch on.

Keeping a Winter White hamster is pretty simple and just requires a little bit of knowledge. This article is your one-stop resource for Winter White care and should set you up to become a very successful hamster keeper!


Temperament and  Intelligence of Winter White Dwarf Hamster for sale


These hamsters are so chock full of personality and they’re some of the most vocal hamsters around. You’ll often hear them squeaking “angrily” at one another and causing a ruckus. However, that’s doesn’t mean they’re necessarily mad. That’s just their way of communication. But if you hear prolonged squeaks or ones that are more pronounced, then check in on them. This could be a sign of bullying.

Winter Whites are also known to be the big babies of the hamster world. They’ll noisily complain over some of the smallest issues. But it’s all just part of their unique personality.

Winter Whites are much softer to the touch and have a smoother and less wooly coat compared to the Campbell’s. They come in three main color varieties – sapphire pearl, sapphire, and natural pearl. There are some other coloring’s available, but they are more than likely crossed with Campbell’s thus making them hybrids. Both hamsters have dorsal stripes; the winter white has more definition on the arches giving a greater contrast between colors.


Care of Winter White Dwarf Hamsters


Winter White Hamsters should be provided with a large environment to live with adequate food, bedding, toys and a hamster wheel to provide exercise. If you keep two or more hamsters, make sure they have multiple hamster wheels and toys to help prevent territorial fighting.

Experts state that Pure Winter White hamsters unlike Campbell’s and hybrids are not prone to diabetes; however, I prefer to be on the side of caution by feeding them a low/no sugar diet. A small piece of fruit occasionally as a treat is fine.


Winter Winter White Dwarf Hamster as Pets

Winter whites are a great option if you are looking for a hamster as a pet. It is easy to tame and has a very nice temperament.

It is also slower than the Robo Hamster making it easier to handle for smaller children.

Besides its speed and temperament, it is also worth considering it is mostly active at dusk and at night. The Winter White hamster is nocturnal and as such, sleeps during the day and is active at night.

This, of course, fits well with the schedule of most people, however, it might be a problem if you have very small children that go to bed early. For most children (and adults!) there is plenty of time to bond in the evening. It is great seeing the little hamster run through its little tunnels.


Training of Winter White Russian Dwarf  Hamster


When it comes to training a Winter White hamster, it’s similar to “training” other hamsters. They’re not necessarily trained, but more tamed. In this respect, this particular breed is much easier to tame than other dwarf hamsters. They are much more docile like their Syrian hamster cousins.

They do need to be handled gently and slowly, or else they could nip you. But once they become familiar with their owners, Winter White hamsters just love being pet and snuggled.


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