White Eyed Conure for sale


White Eyed Conure for sale

White Eyed Conure for sale,the White-eyed Conure averages 32 cm (12.5ins) in length and has a wing length of ~ 166 – 188 mm (6.5 – 7.5ins).

This conure is overall green, slightly paler on the breast and abdomen, with red on the shoulders and some random red specks on the head and neck. There are a few scattered red feathers to the bend and edge of wing, as well as outermost lesser under wing-coverts / feathers. The underwing primary wing coverts are red tipped yellow. The underside of the wing and tail feathers are olive-yellow. The irises are brown, the feet are grey, and the bill is horn-colored.


Diet / Feeding of a White Eyed Conure for sale


Their natural diet consists of fruits (including berries), seeds (grass), flowers, vegetable matter and nuts found in trees, as well as insects and their larvae.

Their captive diet should consist of a good quality dry mix that includes safflower and sunflower seeds, oats, hemp, buckwheat, canary seed and rowan berries. Seeds should also be offered in sprouted form. They should also be given plenty of fruit, vegetables and greenfood. A regular supply of branches with flowers and buds provides extra nutrition and satisfies their urge to chew. Eggfood and dried shrimp are particularly important during the breeding season. A mineral and vitamin supplement, as needed.


Personality of White Eyed Conures


The white eyed conure is a great talking bird compared to other conures out there. The well-tamed conure can be so loving and sweet to its owner. It is rarely destructive. It does not love to scream as it prefers to mimic the words you say instead. Personality varies from one bird to another. However, this bird is usually known to be so inquisitive and playful. As with other conure species, it can get so loud in some cases. Some can be louder and noisier than others. However, it depends on training and personality.


Temperament of White Eyed Conures


A properly tamed white eyed conure can become a loving, entertaining pet. Though it’s not a noisier parrot, anyone who wants to own a conure must keep in mind that not all conures have powerful and loud voices if they like to use them. Due to this, the white-eyed conure might not make good pets for people who are living in the condominiums or apartments with adjacent neighbors.

The white eyed conure is extremely intelligent. It requires sufficient mental stimulation to avoid behavioral problems and boredom. Anybody who likes to own a white eyed conure must ensure he can spare 3-4 hours daily to interact with its pet. When left bored, the animal may become lethargic. It may show a destructive habit like feather plucking.



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