White Capped Pionus


White Capped Pionus


The White Crowned Pionus, also known as the White-capped Pionus or White-capped Parrot, is one of the Pionus species that is smaller in size. White crowned pionus are a little to medium-sized parrot with a charming attitude.
They are mostly green, with a lighter, yellowish green on the underside. They feature a white cap on their forehead, as well as a white patch beneath their chin and throat, as their name suggests. The rest of the head is blue, and the breast is olive-brown with darker purplish-blue feathers that gradually turn green across the abdomen.

They have a variety of colors on the tips of their wings, including golden browns, violet-blues, blues, and greens, while the under wing is a bluish green that fades to a dull green. The tail is green with blue tips and blue on the outside, with the brilliant red feathers identifiable to all pionus. The beak is horn-colored, the eye is dark brown to orangish with a light pinkish-white eye ring, and the legs are pink.
Juveniles have a paler color, less white on the cap, and little or no blue on the head. They are a joy to own! Once established, they produce an extremely docile, quiet, and undemanding parrot.

They are incredibly affectionate and sweet.

These intelligent and inquisitive little birds have a bigger personality than most other Pionus species, but with proper care, they can make wonderful family pets! They are easy to train and can learn a variety of skills. They have some speech abilities despite their quiet and introverted nature.


White Capped Pionus Personality and Behavior


Pionus parrots are quiet, easygoing, and can be little standoffish when compared to other parrots frequently kept as pets. The way a white-capped Pionus is reared by its human guardians, as with all parrots, makes the difference between a shy bird and a terrific companion. A Pionus guardian should be prepared to devote a significant amount of time to their bird.

The Pionus may not receive the attention it demands if it lives among other louder, more demanding birds.

When frightened or aroused, Pionus parrots, notably white-capped Pionus, may create a wheezing sound, which an owner may misinterpret as a medical ailment. Pionus also has a musky or sweet odor that some caretakers dislike but others prefer.


White Capped Pionus Care and FeedingĀ 


Pionus parrots require a lot of room. They are relaxed while exploring and like moving about. Allow them to roam freely when the windows are closed, or buy a large, wide cage. Make sure they receive a bath on a regular basis, and don’t be afraid to take them in the shower with you.

Aside from commercial seed mixes, provide a selection of bird-safe fruits and vegetables. A fascinating fact about the White Capped Pionus diet is that they adore corn, especially corn on the cob, therefore make it a frequent snack for these wonderful birds.


Temperament of White Capped Pionus


White-capped pionus are known for being feisty and comical, as well as kind and affectionate. When their owners are patient and consistent, they are smart and respond well to teaching. These parrots thrive when they are exposed to social interaction as well as cerebral stimulation through playing and learning tricks.


These birds are naturally afraid of strangers. They like to hang around on their owners’ shoulders or arms, dancing, playing, and waiting for an opportunity to make a game out of snatching objects like pencils or buttons. They have a tendency to become emotionally attached to a single person in whom they have the most trust.

When this bird is out of the cage, you must keep a watchful eye on it. It is notoriously curious and can get into trouble if not well controlled.




These birds will benefit from a large cage with plenty of room to fly. Even though they are not chewers, a durable cage with escape safe doors and locks is recommended. You can also maintain them in an outdoor cage where they will have access to fresh air and sunlight. To keep the bird entertained, provide toys such as wooden blocks and branches for them to chew on.


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