White Bellied Caique


White Bellied Caique for sale


White Bellied Caique (for sale). All three subspecies of White-bellied Caique have a mostly orange colored head with the lores, sides of the head, and the throat being yellow. The back and wings are green, while the breast and belly are creamy-white.
The beak is horn-colored, and the eye has a reddish-brown tint. The Green feathering in the thighs distinguishes the White-bellied Caique from the other two subspecies; it is also slightly smaller than the Yellow-thighed Caique.

On juveniles, the head is more brownish with black feathers dispersed throughout, the beak has gray marks near the base, and the eye is brown.

White-bellied Caiques are not only some of the most colorful parrots, but they are also incredibly intelligent and quick to learn new tricks.
They are affectionate, inquisitive, and enjoy bragging.

The Caique is distinguished by a gorgeous ruffled-looking white breast and belly. This is how it got its name. The name ‘caique’ refers to a full-dress, white shirt with a ruffled front.


Social Behaviors of a White Bellied Caique


Caiques like interacting with humans as well as with other birds. Yellow-thighed Caiques can be found in the wild. Caiques are sociable birds that live in pairs, groups, or small flocks. They are highly social birds with a high level of activity. They’ll require a lot of interaction from you or another companion.

However, some can be grumpy and snappy, and can be aggressive to other birds, despite their overall friendly disposition. They should never be left alone with other animals.


Care and Feeding of White Bellied Caique 


Despite being a medium-sized bird, the caique white belly requires a large environment. This active bird will suffer significantly if confined to a small cage. If you have the means, consider constructing a small aviary or providing your caique with the largest shelter you can afford. Check that the bar spacing is sufficient for the bird’s size and that the cage has a grating on the bottom. This lively bird will quickly discover the flaws in its cage, so make sure it is of high quality construction, such as stainless steel.

Caiques, like other parrots, thrive on a pelleted diet supplemented with fresh fruits and vegetables. Nutri-Berries are an excellent food for caiques because they provide both enjoyable foraging and balanced nourishment.




A White-Bellied Caique is usually full of activity and wants its owner to join in on their amusing activities. Unfortunately, when not given adequate attention, this bird species has been known to become little aggressive. If their bird feels neglected, owners may find themselves the victim of nips and bites. It is critical to spend a significant amount of time interacting with these birds in order to avoid these complications.

The White-Bellied Caique needs attention and a close relationship with its owners. When you spend enough time with this species, you’ll find yourself receiving cuddles and love on a daily basis.

When exposed to different types of birds, White-Bellied Caiques are said to exhibit territorial behavior. Although they are usually recognized for their pleasant, loving personalities, some owners claim that when they share space with unfamiliar birds, they may fight or become too violent.


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