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Timneh African Grey for sale.The African Grey Timneh Parrot, Psittacus erithacus timneh, possesses all of the desirable characteristics of these well-known species. Despite being a less common subspecies than the African Grey Congo, the Timneh is a highly intelligent and clever bird. African Greys have a reputation for being the best talkers among birds. They can learn 200 words or more, as well as a variety of tricks. They commonly replicate sounds from their surroundings, including humans.

For years, ornithologists have examined African Grey Parrots. They discovered that these birds’ cognitive abilities are comparable to those of the most intellectual animal species, including a human child. Dr. Irene Pepperberg and her grey, Alex, have made significant progress in the study of this parrot’s abilities to communicate, recognize shapes and colors, and comprehend numbers.

Any noise heard in the house can be reproduced by the Timneh African Grey Parrot. It might be a puppy, a partner, or anyone else who piques his attention. Some of the examples are amusing, such as convincing you to pick up the phone when no one has phoned. Or persuading you to go to the door and open it for your children, even though they have not yet returned home from school. Timneh African gray bird enjoys watching the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on television.


Social Behaviors of Timneh African Grey


The Timneh African Grey is a distinct species. It has a distinct appearance and personality from the Congo. The Timneh is not as demanding and “king-like” as the Congo. The Timneh, like the Congo, is shy at first, but it is significantly more outgoing than its counterpart. Timnehs will put up with greater ruckus, pounding doors, and other general disturbances. It is easier to have around because it is a more peaceful parrot than its relative.

In the wild, African Greys develop a strong pair relationship that continues over into captivity. A single individual, usually of the opposing sex, is preferred by the Timneh. Others in the family will be tolerated, but he has a strong attachment to only one individual. The Timneh may be funny and enjoys playing, and it frequently treats its human as a large personal toy.

Apart from talking, African Grey TTimneh can and will imitate any sound they hear in their environment. They can imitate all of the other birds and pets, and they can also imitate any voice they hear in the house. Even before they are weaned, they can begin to mimic, but not in clear sounds for a long period. Timneh African Greys do not begin to speak until they are at least a year old. They will talk and correlate words with meanings as you interact with them.

Many Greys develop a big vocabulary and become extremely expressive, but vocal capacity and the desire to converse vary greatly among individuals. Despite the fact that Greys can communicate and mimic, they are not as loud as other talkative parrots and do not indulge in loud screeching calls.

Most birds, including the Timneh, are significantly more sophisticated than people know. They aren’t just a pet. They’re a perpetual three-year-old in feathers with an endless capacity for love and a desire to learn. Greyhounds demand a lot of attention and stimulation in order to be a happy, healthy family member. They wish to continue learning throughout their lives and are interested in learning about anything.


Timneh African Grey  parrot Activities


African Grey Parrots require a unique human to maintain their attention span and prevent boredom. Exercise and play are key activities for your parrot’s physical and psychological wellbeing. Large link chains, destructible bird toys, bird ladders, parrot swings, ropes, and fresh branches for biting and chewing provide plenty of activities for your parrot. They require a large number of exciting toys at once (3 to 5) that are cycled out with new toys on a regular basis. These exercises assist to alleviate tension and prevent issues such as feather picking and biting.


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