Texel Guinea Pig for sale


Texel Guinea Pig for sale


Texel Guinea Pig for sale,Texel Guinea Pigs have some of the most gorgeous tresses in the animal kingdom. Their curls have won over many a judge at competitions!

The Texel is arguably one of the most beautiful breeds of Guinea pig. Their unique look has the power to win hearts in a flash. Their friendly and curious personalities are equally admirable, making the Texel a great Guinea pig for a pet or for show.
The biggest concern when keeping a Texel Guinea Pig as a pet is grooming. All of that luxurious, curly hair requires a substantial amount of work to maintain. Therefore the Texel is not recommended for children, or for adults who do not have a lot of time to dedicate to it.


Texel Guinea Pig for sale Personality


Not only is the Texel guinea pig an absolute beauty to behold, but it also has the personality and temperament to match. Docile, calm, sweet-natured and lovable are just a few adjectives used to describe this breed, which is another reason why they’re so popular.

For the most part, Texel guinea pigs, like other long-haired breeds, love being handled, and actually enjoy having their locks combed. However, mishandle them or treat them a little too roughly, and they’ll let you know they’re unhappy with a nip or a bite.

Personality-wise, Texel cavies can be a little mischievous, so it’s best to keep a close eye on them, and never leave them unsupervised when they’re in their run or enjoying time outside their hutch.


Behavior and Temperament of Texel Guinea Pigs


Texel Guinea Pigs are well-known to be the most docile of all cavy varieties and are highly amenable to being handled, even by children. Of course, they should be socialized early and handled gently at all times. They are docile in personality and nature and are not as active as their short-haired cousins, making them easier to handle and play with outside of their cage. This is, of course, a generalization, and some Texels may be more active than others. As many Texel owners will tell you, they are a rather mischievous breed and can get into trouble if left to their own devices!


Texel Guinea Pigs Size


Texel Guinea Pigs can grow up from anywhere form 8-10 inches long (20-25cm). Males tending to be on average a little bit longer than the females. Generally speaking, they are known to be shorter in the body than other breeds, with a distinct rounded face.

And how about Texel Guinea pig weight? Obviously there are many factors that influence the weight of your Guinea Pig, such as diet, exercise and family genetics. For guide purposes, you can expect your healthy, mature Texel Guinea Pig to weigh anywhere between 1.5-2.5 pounds (700-1200g)


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