Teddy Guinea Pig for sale


Teddy Guinea Pig for sale


Teddy Guinea Pig for sale,the Teddy Guinea Pig’s most distinctive feature is its dense, wiry coat. Despite the ‘wiry’ description, the coat may be either soft or rough to the touch. This coat overlaid on it’s rounded guinea pig shape make it truly look like a ‘teddy bear’.

There is no need to worry about the Teddy’s coat matting, but regular brushing is important. You need to remove any debris that becomes trapped so that it will not irritate the skin. This is the primary grooming concern for Teddy owners, and care is otherwise easy.

These cuddly little critters make great companions. The Teddy Guinea Pigs are curious, fun-loving creatures, and they make good pets for kids. They are natural entertainers that love attention.

These large rodents are cute, cuddly, and fun-loving, which makes them the perfect pet option for families with children. They prefer spending their time with humans or other guinea pigs, but they can get along fine on their own if they have regular interactions with their family members.


Appearance of Teddy Guinea Pig for sale


The teddy guinea pig is large for a rodent but small for a pet. They grow to be up to 12 inches long, and they weigh in at anywhere from 1-4 pounds once they become fully grown. The boys are usually a little bigger than the girls. They feature round, slightly upturned noses and fluffy heads.

Their dark beady eyes always seem alert, and their floppy ears are nothing short of adorable. Their compact bodies make them look like little stuffed animals while they sleep.
Some teddy guinea pigs are solid colored, while others feature two or three different colors, with their bellies typically being white.


Keeping Teddy Guinea Pigs


Be sure to provide your guinea pig with a good home and a proper diet. This will keep it happy and healthy and ensure a great pet for a long time.

Guinea pigs need plenty of exercise and they also love to play. You can let them outside or run around in the house for short periods of time under supervision. They love to explore and need at least one hour of supervised ‘floor time’ every day.

When picking up a guinea pig make sure you do not grab it only by its shoulders. Just keep in mind when picking your pet up to do it evenly. With your hands, support it’s entire body, and be careful not to drop it.

Guinea pigs are social creatures and will like to have a companion. They are great companions for children.

Take time to learn what your guinea pig needs, including:

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Actives of Teddy Guinea Pig
Handling and training Guinea Pigs
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Baby guinea pigs.


Personality of Teddy Guinea Pigs 


Like its namesake, the Teddy loves being held and cuddled. However, like all guinea pig breeds, you must always handle your pet with care.
Knowing how to pick it up and hold it the right way is crucial, and will prevent any injuries to your precious pet.
Also, don’t leave small children or people with limited experience alone with your cavies. While they may look like solid potatoes on legs, all guinea pig breeds are prone to injuries and stress.

For example, dropping them, handling them roughly, or even holding them for too long can leave your piggy feeling stressed out.
The Teddy, like other cavies, needs companionship and will thrive with two or more cage mates. Their friendly temperament means they also find it easy to get along with other animals, including dogs and cats.

However, for your pet’s safety and your peace of mind, we recommend supervised play dates only. If you’re at work for the day, or unable to keep a close eye on any pet shenanigans, make sure your guinea pigs are safely locked in their cage or hutch, away from other animals.


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