Syrian Hamster for sale


Syrian Hamster for sale


Syrian Hamster for sale,Syrian hamsters  also known as teddy bear or fancy hamster — are great pets for new owners. In fact, they’re some of the most popular small pets in the Western world. As far as pets go, Syrian hamsters are among the easiest hamsters to tame.
Syrian hamsters are nocturnal which means that they are most active at night and their life expectancy is between 1 and 2 years, but have been known to live much longer. Although when compared to a rabbit or cat, their life expectancy is lower – they are still a huge commitment for that time and will need twice daily attention and care from their owners. So be sure that your lifestyle can adapt to this before taking your little one home.
Through daily handling, they will become very docile and social to their human owners. Often, this breed of hamster will develop its own quirky idiosyncrasies and develop a personality all its own.


Feeding a Syrian Hamster for sale


Feed your Golden hamster a good quality hamster food. Hamsters should be fed in the evening as this is their natural habit. A hamster will tend to store food in its mouth and move it to a secure hiding place to be eaten fully later. You can feed small amounts of fresh fruit and veg as a supplement but should not feed too much as this can cause upset stomachs. Vitamin supplements and mineral stones will help to keep your pet in optimal condition.

When introducing your hamster to a new food you should do so slowly over the course of about 10 days to avoid any digestive problems.

Always have an adequate supply of fresh water at hand, preferably in a bottle. A ceramic dish is generally best for use as a food bowl. The ceramic is easily cleaned and cannot be gnawed away!


Normal Behavior and Interaction of Syrian Hamsters


Social and engaging and are generally very gregarious. Syrian hamsters are best kept alone. If caged with another, they will fight to the point of injury and sometimes death. When you purchase your Syrian hamster at the pet store, it will most likely be caged in a group. This is because these hamsters are young, and not quite to the mature point, but soon will be.
Golden hamsters are easily tamed, even if they are difficult at first. The more you handle and work with your pet, the tamer it will become. A hamster will bite in defense if it feels threatened.
You may want to interact with your hamster after dusk, as it will be more willing to cooperate since it is a nocturnal animal. Place your hamster’s cage in a place in the home where it will be around the family, yet protected from direct light, drafts and excess noise during the day.

Also be sure it is high enough to be out of reach of dog noses and small children’s hands. Hamsters are prey animals and can feel threatened by large bodies hovering above them or in their faces.
Like many rodents, hamsters have cheek pouches, which in the wild allow them to hoard and transport food. Although their food is readily available to them in captivity, many hamsters still instinctively pack their food into their pouches and run frantically around their cage to find a hiding place.


How to clean my Golden hamsters cage


Wait until your Syrian Hamster is awake
Remove your hamster from their cage and place them in a pet carrier or in their playpen
Take out any ropes, hammocks or toys, cleaning them as needed
Scoop out their bedding and any other material using a dustpan and brush
Using a pet-safe disinfectant, which you can buy in a pet shop, spray the cage
Then wipe it all down and wash thoroughly with warm water
Leave to air until completely dry
Clean their food bowls and their water bottle, using warm water and a bottle brush
It’s important to keep the cage clean, but as hamsters rely on familiar smells to feel safe, make sure you put back some of the unsoiled used bedding when you do a ‘full’ clean (about a third of the bedding is ideal).


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