Sugar Glider for sale


Sugar Glider for sale


Sugar Glider for sale,Sugar gliders are small, attractive, and interesting little animals. Though they sleep during the day, once they wake up in the evening they are very social, lively and active little pets.

Sugar gliders can make great companions and provide a lot of interaction and enjoyment to their owners. With enough loving care and attention they can form lifelong bonds with people.

When considering purchasing a sugar glider as your new pet, make sure you are ready for the commitment of time and care that it will need. This little animal can live up to 15 years if you take good care of him.

Males and females may be kept together, as long as the male is neutered after 5-6 months of age — a relatively simple procedure that is commonly performed by glider-savvy veterinarians. If not neutered, the male will mate with the female to produce 1-2 babies (called joeys) after sexual maturity (about 8 months in females and 12 months in males).

Sugar gliders are playful, curious animals that typically love to hang out with both their cage-mates and their human caretakers. Given their natural affinity for pouches, they generally love to curl up in a shirt pocket or in a fabric pouch. Pouches designed for sugar gliders are typically available in pet stores.


Sugar Glider for sale Care and feeding 


Sugar gliders need a large variety of food in captivity including fruits, vegetables, protein, and dairy products.
A good food dish can be a heavy bowl (such as ceramic) so that it does not get tipped over, or even a bird dish that clips onto the side of the cage. Place the dish up high in the cage because this is where sugar gliders feel most comfortable.Continue doing this until there is a little bit of food left over one morning. In general, there should be about a 3 to 1 ratio of fruits and vegetables to proteins. 

Sugar gliders will eat just about any fruits or vegetables, including: apples, oranges, cantaloupe, carrots, peas, and beans. They do tend to like the sweeter greens (hence the name “sugar” glider). All fruits and vegetables should be fresh and rinsed – they should not be canned or dried.

Feed them a variety of fresh greens; it is best to do it in the evenings so that they have food ready for them when they wake up. Remove any uneaten fresh food the next morning so it does not go bad.
For proteins sugar gliders like meats, eggs, and tofu. Any meat you feed them should be thoroughly cooked and cut up into very small pieces. The meat should not contain any skin or bones, either.

Hard boiled eggs are also a good choice of protein, cut or mash them up to make them easier for your glider to eat. Tofu is one of the best proteins to feed to sugar gliders, however many gliders don’t like it by itself. Try cutting it into tiny pieces and mixing it with a little yogurt or one of it’s favorite fruits.
Dairy products are another good source of protein for your sugar gliders. Yogurt and cottage cheese work well. 


Social Behaviors of Sugar Gliders


Sugar gliders are very social creatures and love to be part of a group. They will usually get along with any other sugar gliders.Use caution when first introducing new sugar gliders to each other. Watch them carefully just to make sure they get along before you leave them totally unsupervised. As a general rule, sugar gliders and other pets do not mix.

They should definitely be kept away from large birds and housed in completely different rooms. This is because birds are their natural predators and will stress them out if kept around them. Watch out for dogs and cats as well – some of them may think they are play toys or food. Even if they seem to get along fine, make sure to still supervise them when they are together outside of the cage.  


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