Squirrel for sale


Squirrel for sale


Squirrels are small rodents(Squirrel for sale) varying form 6-12 inches in body length and 4-10 inches in tail length. Weight for flying and red squirrels is 4 to 8 ounces, while that of gray squirrels is from 12 to 28 ounces.
Squirrels can generally live up 10 years in optimum conditions (with gray squirrels having a slightly shorter lifespan), however many baby squirrels in the wild never even make it to adulthood due to predators.


Care and Feeding of a Squirrel for sale


Depending on the season, squirrels have different diets. Mostly they eat nuts, buds, fruit, grain, fledglings, and birds’ eggs. Red Squirrels especially love pine seeds. In the winter fungi and tree bark are a common food. Many squirrels will also gather food to store for the winter – such as nuts and mushrooms.

In captivity, squirrels need to be provided with a variety of foods to make sure they are getting the proper nutrition. Good mixtures to feed your squirrel include vegetables (such as celery, carrots, green beans, and romaine lettuce), and many fruits (such as apples and bananas). You can also try insects and meal-worms. Parrot food is another good choice since it has many seeds that squirrels like. Calcium is also very important, so you should include a calcium supplement for squirrels kept as pets. There are many types of tablets and powders available at pet stores that can be used.

Squirrels teeth grow constantly throughout their lives, and so you should make sure that they are provided with chewing material. Hard bark and large bones are good for this.

Make sure there is a constant supply of water for your squirrel. Put water in a heavy dish or in a water bottle attached to the side of the cage. Also make sure to thoroughly clean food and water dishes daily with hot water.


Social Behaviors of Squirrels


Depending on the type of squirrel, social behaviors vary. Red Squirrels are solitary creatures and prefer to live alone all year long, except when raising young. However, gray and flying squirrels are solitary during the summer, but will often stay together in large groups (of up to 24 squirrels) during the winter to keep warm. �� In general, squirrels should be kept away from other pets. They can often be hurt, or sometimes hurt other animals. They can however, become very affectionate to their owners and make great companions.


Handling and Training Squirrels


When handling your squirrel, make sure to support it’s whole body, and don’t don’t just grab it by it’s tail, as this could cause discomfort and/or injury.

Many squirrels can make great pets and are extremely affectionate. It is not unheard of for squirrels to actually learn to come when their names are called. The best “trick” is that of the Southern Flying Squirrels. Since they have a membrane between their fore and hind feet, they are able to actually glide for short periods. This allows them to learn to glide from high objects to their owners.


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