Silkie Guinea Pig for sale


Silkie Guinea Pig for sale


Silkie Guinea Pig for sale,the Silkie is an attractive long-haired Guinea pig. It is popular as a pet, and even more popular on the show table. Silkies have lovely locks unlike any other guinea pig.

Their hair is very soft and shiny. Show Silkies are a sight to behold. It’s hard to resist petting a Silkie!
This breed is rather high-maintenance, so it is probably not the best choice for a young child. Even adults who keep Silkies as pets will often trim their hair to keep from having to groom constantly. With their good looks and sparkling guinea pig personalities, they make a fine choice for a dedicated owner.

Silkies are generally gentle and shy in nature and need regular grooming to keep their hair tidy. This grooming is not difficult to do and is usually a very pleasurable experience for both piggy and human, but it does require a level of commitment and diligence. For that reason we wouldn’t recommend Silkies for kids, despite the fact that they are very easy going in temperament.


Feeding and Diet Requirements of  Silkie Guinea Pig for sale


Silky guineas don’t have any specialized dietary requirements, but their long coats will benefit greatly from omega-3 fatty acids. Guinea pigs cannot make their own vitamin C, so they need to be given it as a regular part of their diet. Good-quality pellets are the best food for Silkies and all guineas in general. Pellets contain all the nutritional requirements needed for a complete and healthy diet, including vitamin C. While fruits and vegetables are high in sugar, giving these to your guinea on occasion as a treat should be fine.

Any commercial foods that contain artificial flavorings or colorants should be avoided. Muesli mixes that contain seeds and nuts are also not recommended for daily use and should only be given as occasional treats. Fresh timothy hay should available for your guineas at all times, as this will provide them with fiber and help keep their growing teeth short.

Your Silkie guineas should have easy access to clean, fresh water at all times. The best way is with a drip bottle system, rather than a dish or bowl. A drip system will keep the cage dry and the water clean, as it is contained. The water should be changed daily.


Personality of a Silkie Guinea Pig


Like many animals, personalities vary from animal to animal.

Silkie Guinea Pigs are the gentlest of the breeds. They come off as shy and a bit timid. It takes time to build a bond with them.
Utilizing a favorite snack, like a carrot or other vegetables, speeds up the socializing process. Gradually they will begin to come out of their shell and associate treats with interactions.

They will look forward to your company.Once this trust is established, a bond forms. This bond is one that will last a lifetime.


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