Rose Breasted Cockatoo for sale


Rose Breasted Cockatoo for sale


Rose Breasted Cockatoo for sale. Galah cockatoos are a smaller cockatoo with rose colored feathers on the breast and the underside of the wings. They can learn to talk, as can most cockatoos and are easy to teach all kinds of tricks. Cockatoos in general are a very loving type of bird that needs a lot of attention from their owners. Buy a cockatoo only if you can spend a lot of time with it.


Care and feeding of a Rose Breasted Cockatoo for sale


A roomy cage is required unless the bird is to be let out for extended periods. Many birds can spend most of their time on a play pen or parrot perch. They eat a variety of seeds, nuts, fruits, and commercial pellets, as well as the same nutritional foods humans eat. The Rose-breasted Cockatoo should be fed a less oil in their diet (which comes from sunflower seeds and other oily seeds) than other cockatoos since they can develop fatty tumors known as lipomas.

Their native habitat of Australia is dry and hot and you should replicate something similar in your own home. Try to keep the bird at a minimum of 21 degrees celsius, although a better temperature would be something warmer like 25 degrees celsius.

The cage environment should contain perches, toys, foraging items, swings and other objects to keep the birds entertained. You might also want to consider a small bathing area that allows the bird to wash. Perches of varying sizes and coarseness help the bird’s feet to remain healthy.


Behavior / Pet Potential of pink cockatoos


Galahs are highly social, affectionate and friendly – and very long lived. They will often become a little unpredictable as they mature and require training in order to integrate them into the family as a well-behaved “members of the flock.” They are extremely playful and intelligent birds that need constant stimulation: interaction, toys, branches to chew on. They are not generally noisy, apart from early morning and evening. Both sexes can become good talkers; however, their talking ability is not usually on a par with either Sulphur crested Cockatoos or the Corellas.

Rose Breasted Cockatoo is also derogatory Australian slang, synonymous with ‘fool’ or ‘idiot’. Inquiries of Australian country men in the ’70’s suggest that this is a misunderstanding. Pink cockatoos are very self-confident and have a great zest for life, and are not embarrassed by anything they may care to do or be caught doing (unlike cats). It is very common to see them hanging by one leg from telephone or power lines in a rainstorm getting soaking wet and screeching with delight. There are many reports of them tobogganing down the corrugated roofs of outback buildings.


Housing Rose Breasted Cockatoo


A large outdoor aviary with sufficient flying space should be provided for your pet. If un affordable, go for as big a cage you can get. Throw in some accessories for the enrichment of the bird, like perches, toys, chew able and destructible, mineral blocks, etc.



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