Roborovski Hamster for sale


Roborovski Hamster for sale


Roborovski Hamster for sale,the Roborovski hamster originates from Russia. It is the smallest species of hamster, the most timid and often considered the cutest. These adorable little hamsters are most active at night and in the early morning. They are very playful and curious and will have a go at just about anything. They enjoy having lots of toys.

These hamsters are available all over the world but are harder to come by than the typical Syrian hamster (golden hamster) or the Russian dwarf. You can keep them alone, in pairs or small groups (preferably of the same sex to prevent unwanted breeding and fighting).

These particular hamsters require the care and gentle touch of an experienced hamster owner. They can be more difficult to handle, tame, and even provide stimulation.

But once you’ve broken down those barriers, you’ll have a great pet with an awesome personality. These rodents are also very sociable and love having a partner in crime — provided you’ve raised them together.


Habitat and Housing of a Roborovski Hamster for sale


They can live in most standard hamster/mouse cages and have the same bedding without issues. Like with any hamster, it is advised you avoid small, cramped or cages with lots of tubes, especially with males, as they are difficult to clean, hard to set-up and tend to build up fumes which can make your hamster very sick. They can also cause a lot of stress due to the complex, cramped or upsetting conditions.

Make sure the bars are the standard size or narrow size. If your Robo is especially small you could opt for a plastic or glass tank with a secure lid that has plenty of space for roaming around. Alternatively, you could build yourself a bin cage from a large clear plastic tub and make a mesh side or a mesh roof.

Always keep a lid and make sure whatever you choose has plenty of air and is fully secured to prevent escape. Most of the cages or tanks for hamsters and small rodents you see in the pet shop will be suitable, just make sure there are no large drops and the cage isn’t too oversized for your tiny friend.


Feeding Roborovski Hamsters


Roborovski hamsters are perfectly capable of eating any decent quality mixed hamster food. Make sure it has plenty of variety such as dried banana, sunflower seeds, grain, hamster biscuits, other seeds, and mealworms are also okay.

Foods Robo Hamsters Can Eat
Apple (no seeds)
Pasta (small amounts raw or cooked)
Completely plain dog biscuits
Blackberry (small amounts)
Thoroughly cooked lean chicken (small amounts)
Thoroughly cooked boiled or scrambled eggs
Any extra vegetables or fruits should be given sparingly and as a treat. Make sure you only give them tiny pieces to prevent them getting stuck in their pouches and going soggy so they can’t get it out, the food rotting in the cage, or an upset stomach from happening. Your hamster doesn’t want vegetables or fruit the size of their head, it’s far too much for their digestive system to handle so keep the pieces small and as treats only.


Roborovski Hamsters exercise


This breed is one of the most active breeds of all hamsters. And they need lots of exercise. Be sure that you select a proper exercise wheel for them. You want to get a wheel that is constructed out of solid pieces instead of rungs. This will prevent their little feet from slipping through when using it — which they will do a lot!

You’ll also want to ensure that they have plenty of room in their enclosure to move freely. A 40-gallon tank is an ideal solution. And while this may seem like a large enclosure for such a tiny creature, your hamster will absolutely love it.


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