Rex Rabbits for sale


Rex Rabbits for sale


Rex Rabbits for sale,the Mini Rex grows to 3.5-4.5 lbs. They are well-muscled with good shoulder and hip widths. Their ears stand straight and erect.
Outwardly the Mini Rex rabbit looks like a miniature version of the larger Rex Rabbit. Sporting graceful proportions and that nice plush “Rex fur”, this is a very good looking rabbit.
It has become one of the most popular and readily available pet rabbits and is good with children.The main feature of Rex rabbits is their very beautiful and very soft fur. It feels just like velvet when you pet it.

This is because the longest guard hairs have been bred away and the secondary guard hairs have been reduced to the same length as the undercoat hairs.

The Mini Rex is an adorable medium sized rabbit that makes a wonderful companion. Generally friendly and moderately active, they will enjoy playing or just relaxing and being petted. Because of its relatively small size it is easy to handle, as well as easy to house and feed.


Temperament/Personality of Rex Rabbits for sale


Rex Rabbits are sweet-natured and gentle. They love being picked up by their human family, particularly if you allow them as much free access around your home as possible.
The Rex will allow everyone in your family to pet it, but it will favor the person who dedicates the most time to it.
Rexes are low-maintenance and playful. You can even trust your kids with it, as long as they are old enough to understand that rough-housing a rabbit is not allowed.
The Rex is also a moody type of rabbit.

Although they are generally gentle, they can also get mad or sad, resentful, brash, stubborn, or even destructive. From that point of view, you can say that Rex Rabbits have a personality almost as complex as humans.

Surround your Rex with lots of love and spend as much time as possible with it to make sure your rabbit doesn’t become stressed or angry because of anxiety separation.

Follow the cues and build your trust. Rexes behave differently depending on their mood. If your Rex licks your leg, it’s a sign of trust, love, and need for attention. When your Rex jumps nervously when you come near it, it prefers to be left alone, not picked up. If you pick or pet your rabbit when it doesn’t want that, your Rex will scream blue murder.

Train your rabbit. Use his favourite food or toy to build trust and connection, and to sway his aggressive or grumpy instincts. Don’t use punishments, but focus on positive reinforcement such as treats, cuddles, play, or words of appreciation. Quick reminder: don’t exaggerate with the snacks.


How to Take Care of Mini Rex Rabbit


Mini Rex Rabbit Size, Habitat, Cage Conditions and  Setup

Rex rabbit breeds will need a large cage. Most experts recommend a habitat that is four times the length of your rabbit in width and depth. It should also be about two feet high. Since you don’t know how large your rabbit will get, and you may have several rabbits that use the same cage, one that is 36-inch wide by 36-inch deep is a good starting point. Rabbits like to climb, so a taller cage with some sturdy ramps can help keep them entertained.


Rex Bunny Rabbit Characteristics


Compared to other rabbit breeds, the Rex rabbit has a slightly broader head, proportionally smaller feet, and proportionate upright ears. Rex rabbits have short and soft hair (about 1.25 cm long).
Their coat is dense, smooth and level with a firm, plush texture. They have strong legs and curly whiskers. Their average body weight is about 3.4-4.8 kg, although the does can weight as much as 4.8 kg.

There are many different color varieties available of the Rex rabbit breed. Such as Black, Blue, Broken, Amber, Chocolate, Chinchilla, Californian, Castor, Lilac, Opal, Lynx, Red, Sable, Otter (Black, Blue, Chocolate and Lilac), Seal and White are common to most countries. Smoke Pearl, Orange, Fawn, Himalayan, Harlequin, Dalmation, Tortoiseshell, Cinnamon and Satin are also recognized in the United Kingdom. Photo from Wikipedia.


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