Rex Guinea Pig for sale


Rex Guinea Pig for sale


Rex Guinea Pig for sale,the Rex Guinea Pig is a common and well-loved guinea breed. It has a short and wavy coat that gives it a hedgehog-like appearance. This makes them a perfect pet for responsible children. Their short and stubble-like coat stands up like a hedgehog and helps protect them from water.
Rex guinea pigs have a rapid growth of their toe’s nails, creating a need for extra grooming than any other breed of guinea pigs might require.

Oppositely, they have short hair growing within the range of 20-40cm that generates less grooming of them than other sorts.

Though this popular guinea breed has a pig word in its name but has a hedgehog-like appearance with a short height and length. It has a thick coating of hair that covers its entire body.


Rex Guinea Pig for sale Appearance 


Rex guinea pigs would probably agree that the Rex is the king of breeds. But when it comes to animals–cats, rabbits, and yes, guinea pigs–“rexed” fur has a special meaning. “Rexed” fur means fur that lacks guard hairs. This is a genetic mutation that affects many different mammals.

The guard hairs protect the skin from abrasion and help to make the animal’s coat more waterproof. A “rexed” coat is comparatively bristly and wiry. You might also find rexed animals with a curly coat and curly whiskers, like the Cornish Rex (or Devon Rex) cat.

Some people find animals with a rexed coat to be less triggering to allergies, though rexed animals are not technically hypoallergenic. The Rex guinea pig’s easy-care coat grows to a mere half inch (1.27 centimetres) in length, and is sometimes curly along the belly.

Some people describe the Rex guinea pig as having a hedgehog like appearance, while others may describe Rex guineas as fuzzy potatoes.


Rex Guinea Pigs Temperament


So far, there’s no credible evidence that different breeds of guinea pigs have distinct temperaments. All guinea pigs are curious, chatty, amusing, and affectionate with each other, and their humans. Since they are naturally a prey species, they can be wary of people at first, and panic if you loom over them, or reach for them suddenly. But if you approach them gently and bring treats, they will quickly warm up to you.

To find a Rex guinea pig with a lovely personality, chat to breeders, and ask to meet their breeding stock. All breeders should breed for good health, but some breeders pursuing perfect show-quality cavies might make compromises on how sociable they are. Make sure your breeder handles their baby cavies regularly, and invest some time introducing yourself and building up a bond with them when you bring them home.


Rex Guinea Pigs Food Requirements


Rex guineas are hardy and don’t have any specialized dietary requirements. An important consideration is that guineas cannot make their own vitamin C, so they need to be given it as a regular part of their diet, preferably daily. Good-quality pellets are the best food for all guineas, as they contain all the nutrients, vitamins, and fiber requirements needed for a complete diet.

Occasional vegetables and leafy greens are also a great addition to a guinea’s diet. Fresh fruits are high in sugar, though, which is not good for guineas in large amounts, and so should be given sparingly.

You should avoid commercial foods that contain artificial flavorings and colorants or seeds and nuts as a daily staple these should only be given as occasional treats.
Although commercial pellets will likely include high-fiber hay in the ingredients, fresh timothy hay should be on hand for your guineas at all times. Be sure that this hay is fresh and not chemically treated.


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