Red Lored Amazon


Red Lored Amazon


Yellow Cheek or Red-lored Amazon  is predominantly green. The lore and forehead are red, while the crown and cheeks are blue and yellow. Green with red in the middle and blue on the outer margins and tips, the wings are a stunning display of color. The eye is dark brown and surrounded by a white ring. The beak is gray with a yellow horn hue on the top, and the legs are greenish gray.

Juveniles have less red on the lores and forehead, some green on the cheeks, and orange eyes. They reach sexual maturity at the age of 3 to 4 years. Mature birds measure around 13 1/2 inches (34 cm) from top of head to tip of tail. Their usual lifespan ranges between 40 and 60 years.

Many Amazon aficionados consider the Red-lored Amazon Amazona autumnalis, also known as the Yellow Cheek Amazon, to be the most beautiful of the Amazons due to its colorful face. These common names are highly suitable, as evidenced by this bird’s lovely face. Whichever name you like, this decorative Amazon’s lores (and forehead) are definitely red, and its cheeks are definitely yellow.

This lovely amazon is a friendly, social parrot who enjoys human company. The Red-lored Parrot has a kind personality and is less aggressive than many other popular amazons. It is thought to be an excellent pet bird because it is gentle, friendly, and faithful. Yellow Cheek Amazons are intelligent pet birds that are quick and hilarious when playing, and you will appreciate their antics.

In the wild, the Yellow Cheek Amazon is fairly vocal within its group, but in captivity, they are much quieter. Even yet, this Amazon can be quite noisy at times. They, like other Amazons, will issue an alert first thing in the morning and again as the sun sets. These two times of the day typically last around ten minutes. Despite their ability to be talkative, Red-lored Amazon parrots are not thought to be the best talkers. Depending on the bird, some will be good talkers while others will only speak a few words.


Red Lored Amazon Diet and Nutrition 


In the wild, red-lored Amazons eat seeds, fruit, berries, nuts, leaves, blooms, and buds. An Amazon’s diet should consist mostly of high-quality pellets and the occasional nutritious seed.

A supplement of leafy greens, veggies like peppers, grains on sometimes, and nut snacks on rare occasions will fill out an Amazon’s healthy diet. Prepare a large batch of a supplementary blend of veggies and grains, or “chop,” to cut down on food preparation time and save money.

Fruits should be served three to four times a week; fruits are heavy in sugar and eating too many might lead to weight gain. At least 20% of the bird’s diet should be made up of greens. Food should not be left in your bird’s cage for long periods of time. To discourage bacterial growth, any fresh foods or mashes placed in your Amazon’s cage should be removed once feeding time has passed.




The Red-lored Amazon requires a large cage. They are incredibly active birds who must spend a significant amount of time outside of their cage or in an aviary. A cage should not be overly limiting for your pet, so choose one that he or she will enjoy. A cage with a play pen top should be 2 x 3 feet wide, 2 1/2 to 5 feet high, and 2 1/2 to 5 feet tall.

The Yellow check Amazon enjoys climbing and playing, as well as spreading its wings. It enjoys being out of its cage on a playpen, where it can communicate with their person and play with toys. Climbing on a hanging perch above the playpen is a terrific idea.

This Amazon can withstand a wide range of temperatures, but it must be maintained free from drafts. A variety of perches of various sizes and textures should be used. It is easier for them to perch on a rougher textured perch than than the smooth, doll-rod ones, and it is better for their feet and legs. A concrete perch can be used as the cage’s highest perch, close to a toy. They will perch there at various points throughout the day, saving them (and you) the trouble of getting their nails filed.

Don’t forget to take a bath. To keep the feathers from drying out, spray your Red-lored Parrot with warm water or a commercially available bird bath.


Social Behaviors of Red Lored Amazons


Red-lored or Yellow Cheek Amazons are sociable birds in the wild. They are usually seen in groups, however there are some different pairs among them. Small groups of as few as six birds can grow to big groups of up to a hundred birds. They like to be greeted when you enter the room because they are sociable creatures. The more you expose your amazon to people, the more socialized it becomes, and the more likely it is to engage and play with you. The more time you spend together, the stronger your bond will become with your feathered companion.


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