Red Crowned Parrot


Red Crowned Parrot


The Red Crowned Parrot is predominantly a darker green, with paler green and more yellow on the underside. The feathers are trimmed in a dark black, especially around the neck. The crown is a vibrant scarlet, with the bases of the feathers outlined in yellow. From the eyes down, there is a violet blue band. The checks are an iridescent pale green, and the eyes are a lilac color. 

The name Green cheeked Amazon, as well as its other popular names, Red-crowned Amazon and Mexican Red-headed Parrot, represent this gorgeous amazon’s colors. The Green Cheek looks to be a little smaller than many of the other Amazons, but they are around the same size as the other mid-sized Amazons in terms of length. From the top of the head to the tip of the tail, mature birds are around 13 inches (33 cm) long. They reach sexual maturity around the age of 5 and live for several decades.

The  Green-cheeked Amazon,the Amazona viridigenalis is a beautiful parrot that is native to Northeast Mexico. It has iridescent light green cheeks ringed in lilac and is a darker green Amazon overall, yet a paler green beneath. Red-crowned Amazon and Mexican Red-headed Parrot are two other descriptive names derived from its beautiful crimson crown.

Green-cheek Amazon is unquestionably more accommodating. It’s a kind, social Amazon who enjoys spending time with humans and isn’t as independent or feisty as its cousins. It will occasionally establish its independence, and when it does, it will be clear. The “blazing eye” occurs when the pupils of their eyes constrict and light up like small flashlights. It will lower its head, fan out its tail feathers, and spread its wings. This is the Amazons’ way of saying “just leave me alone,” and it frequently happens during breeding season.


Social Behaviors of Red Crowned Parrot


Green-cheeked Amazons gather in huge flocks of twenty to a hundred individuals in the wild. Pairs aren’t always easy to spot. The flock is busy for the majority of the day and only rests in the treetops if required. Their flying is arranged in a tight formation. They can be seen in groups of two or in colonies.

These parrots like interacting with humans as well as other birds. When you go into the room, they prefer to be greeted. They prefer to eat at the table and will alert you when dinner is ready. They are perfectly content to be perched on a perch and in the company of humans. The Green-cheeked Amazon wants to be with you whether you’re watching TV or having dinner. The more time you spend with your feathered companion, the stronger your bond becomes.


Care and feeding Red Crowned Parrots


The Green-cheeked Amazon eats fruits, plants, seeds, and nuts in the wild, but will frequently take a bite of something and then chuck the rest. When food is available, they are prone to wasting it in search of something they like. Naturally, everything is eaten and used during breeding season. A diversified diet for a pet bird should include a high-quality seed mix or pelleted meal, as well as plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Pellets can be effective if started at a young age. There is plenty of healthful human food available.

Fruits and vegetables are excellent, but a small portion of chicken or meatloaf is also delicious. Vitamin A is found in sweet potatoes. They enjoy peanut butter or honey in the bottom of a Dixie cup or on a cracker. It is also likely to make you laugh. Green cheeked Amazons enjoy pasta as well, but spaghetti and sauce may be a disaster. They prefer to eating at the table and with their families. When it’s time for dinner, they’ll let you know. Any parrot is poisoned by avocado and chocolate.


Housing Red Crowned Parrots


The Mexican Red-headed Parrot requires a large cage. Amazon parrot cages should not be too confining, so choose one that will make your pet feel at ease. It is their territory and a safe haven for them. This parrot enjoys climbing and playing, as well as spreading its wings. A cage should be 2 x 3 feet wide and between 2 1/2 and 5 feet high, with a play pen top if possible. Because Red-crowned Amazons enjoy climbing, a hanging perch above its cage is a great addition for your pet.

These Amazons can withstand a wide range of temperatures, but they must be maintained free from drafts. They appreciate being out of their cage on a playpen, where they can interact with their person and play with toys. A variety of perches of various sizes and textures should be employed. It is easier for them to perch on a rougher textured perch than than the smooth, doll-rod ones, and it is better for their feet and legs. A concrete perch can be used as the cage’s highest perch, close to a toy. They will perch there at various points throughout the day, saving them (and you) the trouble of getting their nails filed.
Don’t forget to take a bath. To keep the feathers from drying out, spray your amazon with warm water or a commercially available bird bath.


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