Raccoon for sale


Raccoon for sale


Raccoon for sale,the raccoon is a medium sized mammal about the size of a small to medium sized dog. They will grow to about 30 inches long including a bushy 10 inch long tail, and will reach 25-45 lbs. as adults. They have a long pointy snout, large eyes and ears, five digits on each foot and a ringed tail.
The name ‘Ring-tailed Raccoon’ describes them by one of their very distinctive markings, a ringed tail. They are also recognized by their familiar black ‘mask’, giving this wily animal an almost comical look. Their course fur is a mixture of gray, brown, and black.

Racoons are a pet that requires a lot of attention (to keep them out of trouble?), but if given the right environment are lots of fun to keep. They are extremely smart, active, and curious animals. Please read some of the reader comments to get an idea of what problems can be encountered before considering taking on a raccoon as a pet!

Since wild raccoons have adapted to suburban and urban environments, they are considered a pest by many people. Most states have regulations concerning ownership of racoons so check to make sure you meet all the requirements before you seek one out.


Raccoon for sale Social Behaviors


In their natural habitat they do not exhibit aggressive behavior, but males will defend territories. They are generally solitary animals except during breeding season. We have found no information on keeping several raccoons together so we assume that unless you are keeping a family, it is probably best to keep individuals separate in captivity.


Raccoon Feeding and Care


Provide lots of water (if not running water) every day as they have a curious habit of washing their food before they eat it. Raccoons are omnivorous. In nature they eat various small animals, fish, frogs. molluscs, and fruits.
In captivity, most people feed them a ferret diet, cat food, and table scraps (they will eat just about anything). See about foods for ferrets here. Besides offering them their natural diet they will also eat vegetables, crayfish, crabs, insects, and they love eggs.


Appearance of Baby Raccoon


Raccoons are mostly gray with some reddish or black tints and gray underparts. They have a distinctive black mask around their eyes. Their long tail has rings of black and yellowish-white. They have small, erect ears and a pointed muzzle. Their black feet have five toes on each paw. Raccoons grow to about 28 inches in length and can weigh as much as 35 pounds.




Raccoons were originally animals of the forest. However, since European colonization, raccoons have become common everywhere. Today, raccoons are found in almost any area that has access to water. They can most often be seen along streams, in open forests, or wetlands but inhabit urban, suburban and farming areas as well.

Raccoons live in hollow trees, ground dens, brush or rubbish piles, lumberyards, haylofts, attics and chimneys. They use a variety of sites for rearing their young as well as for wintering dens.

Raccoons are nocturnal. Like the rest of their habits, they often modify their behavior when searching for food or water. Raccoons are curious animals, which, at times, can cause problems with humans. This has led to some people labeling them as mischievous and as bandits or robbers.


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