Polish Rabbits for sale


Polish Rabbits for sale


Polish Rabbits for sale,Polish rabbits are very petite, and compact, with a maximum weight of 2.5 pounds.
American Polish rabbits, larger than their British counterparts, have an upper weight closer to 3.5 pounds, and have longer ears than the Netherlands.

There are two distinct types of Polish Rabbits: The Britannia Petite (British Polish), and the American Polish. These are both very small rabbits. The British Petite is the tinier of the two, weighing only about 2 1/2 pounds, while the American Polish is a little larger weighing closer to 3 1/2 pounds. Pictured above are American Polish Rabbit babies that are about 5 weeks old.

Polish Rabbits are very intelligent little bunnies. They can follow voice commands and hand signals, which they learn mostly through repetition. The Polish Rabbit, along with the Netherland Dwarf Rabbit, is one of the most common small animal breeds used by Magicians for their magic acts. Magicians use them because they are not only small and smart, but they have the right temperament for performing. 



Temperaments of Polish Rabbits for sale


The Polish rabbit has a fantastic temperament which makes them a great bunny to have in the home. Not only are they cute and cuddly, but they are a docile and affectionate breed that loves to be around their people.

These bunnies will seek you out for attention and will enjoy being picked up, held and petted and won’t enjoy being confined to their cage for too long! They’ll also enjoy playing with toys and being active, especially if you are around too.

You should always respect your Polish’s personal space, especially when they are new to your home. If they are afraid or frightened, then they might try to bite.


Diet and Health of Polish Rabbits


Polish rabbits do a wonderful job of keeping themselves active by nosing and exploring around even a small enclosure. Perpetually curious, they’re fond of finding hidden items in every room. Give them a large enough enclosure, and they’ll gladly take care of their own exercise.

As with all rabbits, it’s good to keep a plentiful supply of timothy hay and purified water available to your Polish rabbit at all times. Combine this with a daily supply of kibble and dark, leafy greens, and they’ll likely live a long and happy life.


Personality and Behavior


Smaller rabbits like the Polish rabbit are a cute but not really good size for young children. Smaller kids may accidentally drop them, and this is the last thing you want to happen in a dwarf rabbit breed. Dropping this rabbit even from a small height can break their bones and may even kill them. So this breed should be in homes with careful owners, in families with older kids, seniors, and in adult first-time pet owners.

The Polish rabbit loves attention and doesn’t mind being picked up and held as long as you’re careful, and it trusts you as well. This rabbit can chew, and it may chew on your wooden furniture, paper, books, and cardboard. So, provide toys, hay, or other items it can chew on. Rabbit-proof your home before you let this rabbit out of its cage.


How to Care for a Polish rabbit


These rabbits do not need a large enclosure, as they are small in size. Having said that, we do recommend this breed stay indoors because of their small size (it makes them easy targets for predators such as racoons and coyotes).
Your indoor rabbit enclosure should be made of wire, be large enough for your rabbit to comfortably stretch out and have a plastic/metal bottom that’s covered in comfortable bedding (horse bedding works well). 

A Polish rabbit’s diet is like any other rabbits in that it should consist mainly of hay (70 percent), while the rest should be a healthy balance of pellets, leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables. 

Limit the amount of fruits that are high in sugar, and make sure to stay clear of iceberg lettuce, as it contains too much water and too little fiber to count as a good meal. 


Color and Looks of Polish rabbits


They have short little ears which meet at the base and often touch each other at the top, too, giving a compact and tiny headpiece for an already small bunny.

They have short heads and full cheeks, which contrast against their bold eyes to give them an intelligent and inquisitive look.

Polish rabbits have short, fine hair in their coats and do not come in many colors. Traditionally, Polish rabbits were white with red or blue eyes.

Over time, black, blue, and chocolate coats have developed. You will also notice a broken pattern in the coat, which looks like no other.


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