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Pionus Parrot for sale.Pionus parrots range in size from 10 to 12 inches and have a similar look to smaller Amazon parrots, being short stalky birds. They can also be identified from Amazon parrots by the length of their tails. The Pionus are also known as the Red-vented Parrots because they have bright red feathers under their tails, whereas the Amazons have green feathers.

The Pionus is a highly special pet bird due to a number of characteristics and traits. Pionus parrots adapt well in captivity, adjusting into their cage or aviary after only a few weeks. They are lively and curious, and they enjoy being the center of attention. They also enjoy having toys to keep them occupied.


Pionus babies are easy to tame, and one of their unique characteristics is that they do not bite. Another appealing Pionus quality is that they get along well with a wide range of people and can make an excellent all-around family pet. However, as they age, they, like all parrots, can form attachments to one person or to the persons with whom they were raised.

When fully mature, Pionus parrots are extremely colorful. They are inquisitive and intelligent, capable of learning a variety of tricks and saying a few words. They are affectionate and undemanding, making them an excellent choice for a beginner. Pionus Parrots are also not usually a loud bird.


Pionus Parrot Temperament


The Pionus parrot is a kind and caring bird that is docile and little standoffish. This bird is considered quiet in comparison to other parrots. The Pionus parrot is an excellent choice for a first-time bird owner since it is a friendly, sweet-natured bird that bonds well with its owner. However, this bird can get extremely connected to only one person, causing it to act aggressively toward other family members, despite the fact that it rarely bites.


These parrots make good pets for families with children because they are less likely to bite than other parrots. The manner a Pionus parrot is reared, as with all parrots, makes the difference between having a shy bird and having a loving and attentive feathery friend.

If you wish to get one of these birds, make sure you have plenty of time to devote to it, as Pionus parrots thrive on attention. A Pionus parrot can live happily alone or with other tame birds if they are kept in separate cages.


Pionus Parrot (for sale) Care and feeding 


Pionus parrots eat fruits, berries, seeds, and probably blooms in the wild, and have acquired a strong preference for maize from cultivated fields. A Pionus diet consisting of an excellent parrot mix, a variety of seeds, and dried fruits is typically regarded as an appropriate base to give nutrition and diversity. In addition, deliver a daily serving of fresh fruits and vegetables.
They are naturally active and, if confined, can become overweight. L ike  the Amazon Parrots,they require a low fat diet. A good diet is the first step in giving excellent Pionus bird care.

Pionus parrot foods include pelleted or extruded formulated diets, seed only diets, and parrot mixtures that contain a combination of both. There are advantages and disadvantages to feeding only a formulated food or only a seed diet.

Formulated Diet:
A formulated diet provides an excellent nutritional base and does not require the addition of vitamins, but it lacks phytonutrients (antioxidant pigments) present in vegetables, fruits, grains, and seeds. Phytonutrients are thought to stimulate the immune system, aid in healing, and prevent several diseases. Because of the lack of variation in a planned diet, parrots can become bored.

Seed Diet:
A seed-only diet provides far more diversity, but it necessitates additional vitamin and calcium supplements. Dietary variety is essential for psychological enrichment.


Social Behaviors


When not breeding, Pionus parrots are seen in small or medium-sized flocks of 10 to 60 birds in the wild. During the breeding season, they are usually seen alone or in pairs.
Pionus parrots in captivity are normally quiet and not overly vocal. A good Pionus characteristic is that they are generally quiet birds, though some can be a little more nervous.
This is usually only when they are first introduced to a new place and fades as they gain confidence. Some people believe that the females are more gentle than the males.

Pionus Parrots (for sale) are incredibly sociable birds and are frequently regarded as the best parrot to keep as a pet, especially when children are involved. They have strong personalities and are committed to one another. One of my favorite Pionus characteristics is that they rarely bite. They can also get along with other pets if they become familiar to each other and accept each other. However, keep a close eye on any groups include animals and children to avoid any unexpected accidents.


Speech and Sound


Pionus aren’t recognized for being the best talkers, yet some may amass quite an impressive vocabulary. Their “spoken voice” isn’t always perfectly clear and is frequently raspy, but a guardian can usually understand what the bird is saying.


Because the Pionus parrot is quieter than many other parrot species, it is an excellent apartment bird. However, there is one caveat: the noisier the home, the louder the bird. This applies to all parrot species, including Pionus. A house full of shouting children, barking dogs, and blaring televisions may quickly teach the calm Pionus to be loud.


Personality of Pionus Parrots


Pionus parrots are peaceful and caring in nature, and they make excellent family pets. They have the same lovely and cheerful personality as their related cousins. They are often friendly and intelligent.
Because of these personal characteristics, they are ideal choices for first-time bird owners. Because of their ease of upkeep and quiet demeanor, these birds are also good candidates for apartment dwellers.

Pet owners describe them as inquisitive and social parrots who are easy to train. They bite less frequently than other parrots.

Even though they are not known for their ability to speak, with a little training, some may learn to mimic (though not all learn to talk!).

They enjoy taking showers on a regular basis since it helps them keep their plumage in good condition.

A medium-sized parrot cage is enough for a pionus, although larger cages let them to move about more freely and provide more area for toys. To keep these lively birds entertained, they require toys.
They appear to have a special affinity for swings.

Pionus parrots thrive on attention, yet some of them, particularly males, may bond with one person and fiercely defend that person from imagined threats, including other family members.

These birds are naturally busy and may get overweight if kept in a small space. These parrots are less noisy than other parrots, although they do emit mild, high-pitched squeaking cries that may bother persons who are sensitive to noise.


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