Peruvian Guinea Pig for sale


Peruvian Guinea Pig for sale


Peruvian Guinea Pig for sale,Peruvian Guinea Pigs have the trademark guinea pig personality: Curious, fun-loving and alert. The biggest concern when keeping them as pets is the extensive grooming required. Those who do not plan to show them often remedy this by keeping their hair trimmed to a length that won’t tangle or get dirty so easily.

There’s no denying that the Peruvian is harder to care for than its short-haired counterparts, and therefore might not be a good choice for young children. But they make wonderful companions for adults and older, responsible kids. For a first guinea pig, a hardier breed that requires less maintenance would be a better choice.

Peruvian guinea pigs make great pets. They are highly playful, social, and curious. They are beautiful and eye-catching guineas, and their long hair and variable coloring make them highly sought-after by breeders as show guineas.

That said, Peruvians are not ideal for a first-time guinea pig owner. They are high maintenance and require a daily regime of inspection, brushing, bathing, and grooming. If left unchecked and un-groomed, their long hair can quickly become matted and cause a wide array of health issues.


Behavior of Peruvian Guinea Pig for sale


They are basically long-haired rosetted guinea pigs, they are born short haired, with two rosettes. As the guinea pig grows, so does its hair, and the top hair parts and grows downwards. The hair around their bottom can reach 20 inches in length, and they have a long fringe which covers their eyes. They are not pets for the faint-hearted! If they are kept as a pet their hair is best trimmed, and they require regular grooming and bathing. Without constant care their hair becomes readily matted. If they are kept for showing then their flowing locks are usually kept in wrappers (curlers!) to keep them clean. Peruvians also have a tendency to chew each others coats, a behaviour known as barbering, and show stock may have to be kept by themselves.


Peruvian Guinea Pigs Appearance


When it comes to the Peruvian cavy’s appearance, as far as size goes, it’s pretty much the same as every other guinea pig; short, stout, and even somewhat ‘spud’ looking.

Like all piggies, the Peruvian guinea pig weighs between 1 and 3 pounds, with males at the higher end of the scale. However, length-wise – it’s one of the later breeds, measuring around 10 to 14 inches long. Its head is also a lot smaller than other breeds.

But what really sets this guinea pig breed apart from all other guinea pigs is its luscious, long, silky hair. No other cavy has a coat that grows all the way down to the floor, often measuring as long as 14 inches. And in some show Peruvians, their Rapunzel-type locks may even be longer.


Peruvian Guinea Pig Food and Diet Requirements


The food that you give your Peruvian guinea will greatly affect its hair and skin health. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for all guineas, but Peruvian guineas in particular will greatly benefit from them due to their long coats. Guineas, like humans, cannot make their own vitamin C, so will need it as a daily requirement in their diet. Good quality pellets are ideal, but vitamin C in pellets can break down easily, so you’ll need to make sure that they are fresh. Occasional vegetables and leafy greens are also a great addition to a guinea’s diet, but too much fresh fruit can be detrimental, as they have high sugar content.


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