Orange Wing Amazon


Orange Wing Amazon


The Orange-winged Amazon gets its name from the striking yellow-orange on the bend of the wing and the speculum (secondary feathers of the wings). They have yellow-orange on the crown and the front of the cheekbones as well. The rest of the cheek is a vivid green, and they frequently puff their cheeks out, giving them the appearance of “mutton chop” sideburns.

Their bodies are predominantly green from head to tail, with a lighter green underbelly.The feathers on the back of the neck and upper back have a dusky black border. The tail is green with a bright yellowish-green tip, oranges on the underside, and green bars on top. The beak is a horn color that fades to gray at the tip. The eye is orange with a grayish white eye ring, and the legs are light gray.

Juveniles are primarily green, with only a few yellow-orange or blue feathers like adults. The eyes range in color from dark brown to grayish brown. Orange-winged Parrots are Amazons of modest size. Mature birds measure 12 – 13 inches (31 – 33 cm) from the tip of the tail to the tip of the beak.

They achieve maturity in around 4 – 5 years and have a lifespan of 60 years or more.

The Amazon with orange wings The Amazona amazonica, often known as the Orange-winged Parrot or Loro Guaro, is a popular pet Amazon. They are loving, charming, and entertaining parrots. These pet birds are a lot of fun since they do all kinds of acrobatics and even talk a little bit.

When they are young, like the juvenile , they are primarily green with a few yellow and blue feathers. However, when they reach maturity, they become vibrantly colored pet birds. Adults feature brilliant yellow-orange and blue feathering on their forehead and head, as well as the bright orange on their wings.

The orange-winged butterfly Amazons have been popular as pets for almost a century.

These parrots also crave their owners’ attention and may engage in a variety of funny actions to obtain and maintain it. They are an excellent companion and will rapidly create a strong attachment with their owner; nevertheless, they may be quite noisy.


Orange Winged Amazon Social Behaviors


These parrots like interacting with humans as well as other birds. When you enter the room, they prefer to be greeted. They prefer to eat at the table and will notify you when it is time for dinner.

They are fairly relaxed and at ease on a perch and in the company of humans.

The Orange-winged likes to be with you whether you’re watching TV or having dinner. The more your amazon interacts with humans, the more socialized it becomes and the more it will talk, sing, and mimic. The longer you spend time with your feathered companion, the stronger your bond will become.




The Orange-winged Amazon requires a large cage. Amazon parrot cages should not be too confining, so choose one in which your pet will feel at ease. It is their territory and a safe haven. This parrot enjoys climbing and playing, as well as spreading its wings. A cage should be 2 x 3 feet wide, 2 1/2 to 5 feet high, and have a play pen top. It’s fantastic to have a hanging perch above that for climbing.

Orange-winged Parrots can survive a wide range of temperatures, but they must be kept away from drafts. They enjoy being outside of their cage on a playpen and connecting with their owner as well as playing with toys. A variety of perches of various size and texture should be employed. A rougher textured perch, rather than a smooth, doll-rod kind, makes perching simpler for them and is better for their feet and legs. 

Have a good time in the bath. Make it enjoyable by spritzing your amazon with water or an aloe spritz, or simply putting him in the kitchen sink.


Care and feeding of Orange Winged Amazon


The Orange-winged parrots diet in the wild consist of Fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts, corn, and sometimes some protein make up a parrot’s diet. A pet bird will benefit from a diversified diet that includes a high-quality seed mix or pelleted food, as well as enough of fresh fruits and vegetables. There is enough of good human food available, and they enjoy cheese and chicken. Avocado and chocolate are both poisonous to parrots. They prefer to dine at the table and with their family. They will notify you when it is time for dinner.


Orange Wing Amazon Temperament


Orange-winged Amazons are wonderful pets because they are kind and affectionate, and they form strong bonds with their owners. They have a humorous demeanor that makes them popular among bird enthusiasts worldwide.

They are more gentle and have gentler temperament than other Amazons. Individuals, like any other bird, might deviate from the norm. Some members of this species, especially yellow-naped Amazons, can be moody.

As they approach sexual maturity, orange-winged Amazons are known to go through a hormonal bluffing period (age 4 months to 1 year). This is a common stage in many Amazons, and it does pass, but it can continue up to two years. Males, in particular, grow hostile and may bite. As a result, they are best suited to experienced bird keepers with plenty of patience.

This bird is popular among many people since it is clever and quick to learn. These parrots are extremely gregarious due to their tendency to form groups with other birds. While some people have a favorite person, most people get along well with a family. Amazons and young children, on the other hand, are not a good match.


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