Nanday Conure for sale


Nanday Conure for sale

Nanday Conure for sale,the nanday conure is also called a black-hooded conure or nanday parakeet. It is the most popular pet conure outside the Aratinga and Pyrrhura genera.

A few avian specialists think that the nanday should be classified under the Aratinga species because it cross-fertilises with species like suns and jendays.

For those looking for a pet bird that will brighten their day, the nanday conure is a perfect choice. It is fun, lively and all smiles throughout. If this sounds like the pet bird for you, below are a few tidbits to help you further understand about nanday conure.
The head is black, along with the cheeks and throat, which looks like a cap. The rest of the body is green, the throat and breast are blue, and the feet are red.


Food and Diet of a Nanday Conure for sale


In their natural habitats, nanday conures will thrive on berries, nuts, flowers, fruits, grass, seeds and insects. The considerable amount of food and its wide array as in the wild is not necessarily the healthiest for the bird in captivity.

This is because it is confined and exposed to low exercise levels. Your pet conure’s diet will primarily comprise formulated pellets that are balanced to meet the bird’s nutritional needs.

However, if you feed your bird only on pellet feeds, it may become bored and, with time, no longer interested in food. Moreover, the pellet feeds do not have the phytonutrients needed to boost a conure’s immunity.

You can vary a nanday conure’s diet with cheese, raisins, chopped greens, dark orange fruits, diced apples, pomegranates, grapes, mangoes, papayas, snow peas, cabbage, plums and broccoli.

Avoid salty foods, cured meats, fatty foods, chocolate, avocado and caffeine in your conure’s diet since these are toxic to it.

Nonetheless, the exact dietary needs for your nanday conure depend on its activity level, physiological needs, breeding, molting, and age.


Appearance of Nanday Conures


The nanday conure has a striking appearance. While it looks much like the other birds in the conure species, it has a distinct black hood, hence its name.

The nanday conure has long blue tail feathers while its feet and thighs have a touch of red that further adds to its exceptional beauty in flight. There are bare white rings around its feet, beak and eyes which make a striking contrast to its diverse colors.

The blue color on the throats and breasts of immature birds is less compared to that in mature birds. Moreover, if the black hood around your bird’s neck features a rugged brown edge, this means that your pet is less than a year old.



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