Long Tailed Chinchilla for sale


Long Tailed Chinchilla for sale


Long Tailed Chinchilla for sale,long-tailed chinchillas have long hair, with gray, white, and black bands; it is silky, extremely soft, and firmly adhered to the skin. The general color of their upper parts is bluish or silvery gray; the underparts are yellowish-white. The tail has long, coarse, gray and black hairs on its dorsal surface. Domesticated animals are larger than wild ones, with females being larger than males.
Their fur is usually pearl, bluish or brownish gray except on their stomachs where the fur is yellowish-white. Their coat is very soft and dense, and each hair usually has a black tip. This thick fur keeps them warm in the high elevations of the Andes.


Diet and Nutrition of Long Tailed Chinchilla for sale


Long tailed chinchillas are herbivores (folivores). Their diet includes different types of vegetation, but mostly grass and seeds. They also eat insects and bird eggs. Domesticated chinchillas eat wheat, hay, alfalfa, corn, oats, and food pellets.


Long Tailed Chinchilla Needs Space


Long Tailed Chinchillas need a considerably larger cage when compared to other rodents. He must have room to bound around as he would in the wild. A home base that is at least 3’ H is ideal for giving him the space he craves to work off all that energy. You can provide a hiding place or two so that he’ll feel secure when he’s not running around or playing.


Social Structure of Long Tailed Chinchilla


Long Tailed Chinchillas live in colonies consisting of a few individuals to hundreds. Female chinchillas, the dominant sex, are very aggressive toward one another and toward males during estrus. Despite this aggressiveness, serious fights rarely happen. Long Tailed Chinchillas express threats through growling, chattering their teeth and urinating.


Long Tailed Chinchilla Environment


An indoor enclosure makes a perfect Long Tailed Chinchilla home. The cage needs to be large enough for your pet to stand up on it’s hind legs without bumping it’s head, as well as being large enough to put in a little sleeping hut for the animals privacy (a cardboard box works great for this), a place for food and water dishes, and also have space for running around. Use absorbent bedding material on the bottom.
Provide a good soft bedding that is clean, non-toxic, absorbent, relatively dust free and easily acquired. Use a natural bedding since the chinchilla will probably eat some of it, and make sure it doesn’t contain paint, lacquer, or varnish resins! A good bedding is a pelleted litter which is is non-toxic, digestible, and draws the moisture inside leaving the area dry.


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