Long Eared Hedgehog for sale


Long Eared Hedgehog for sale


Long Eared Hedgehog for sale,Long eared hedgehogs are considered one of the smallest middle eastern hedgehogs.The length of the head and body of the long eared hedgehog is approximately 120–270 mm, and the tail is 10–50 mm long.They have a light colored underside along with whitish hairs on the tips of their ears.The ears of this hedgehog are 30–45 mm longer than the closest spine.
The tops and heels of their feet are covered with hair but the soles are bare. The dorsal spines are white on the tip with darker banding below.
They can withdraw into this pouch and erect their spines out to fend off predators if need be.
The dorsal spines are white on the tip with darker banding below.
They do not have dark and light areas on their faces. Also, they do not have a gap of spines on the back of their necks that are common to other species of hedgehogs. The Long-eared hedgehog’s spines are embedded in a unique muscle sheath that forms a bag-like structure and acts as protection.

The long eared hedgehog is smaller than the West European hedgehog, it weighs between 250–400 grams, and is much faster. It is less likely to curl up in a ball when approached by predators and will rather try and outrun or leap at predators with their relatively short needles.


Diet of Long Eared Hedgehog for sale


The long-eared hedgehog is an insectivore; 70% of its diet consists of insects, with some worms and a tiny amount of slugs and snails. The idea that these animals eat only slugs and snails is a myth; this type of food makes up only about 5% of their natural diet.
The breakdown of a wild hedgehog’s diet is as follows: 30% beetles, 25% caterpillars, 11% earthworms, 10% bird eggs, 5% mammal meat, 5% slugs and snails, 3% millipedes, 3% earwigs, 2% bees, 1% bird meat and 5% that has been undefined by researchers. This diet breakdown is not specific to Hemiechinus auritus but a generalization about most hedgehog species.


Habits of Long Eared Hedgehogs


The long-eared hedgehog prefers to stay in intermediate climates, avoiding the hot desert and the northern colder mountain areas. Also they prefer areas with moderate rainfall of 100–400 mm.
During the day they are found resting under rocks, hollows or rock piles. 
They live in burrows that they dig under bushed with a length of 45 cm long with only one opening. They may also inhabit abandoned burrows of other small mammals.

Long-eared hedgehogs have great senses of hearing and smell that they use to hunt out food and detect predators. They prefer to forage in the early evening and will travel up to 9 km during the night in search of food.


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