Jersey Wooly Rabbits for sale


Jersey Wooly Rabbits for sale


Jersey Wooly Rabbits for sale,these are a small compact little rabbit, only weighing up to about three pounds. They have short ears and a wonderful thick long wool coat that is notable for being very easy to take care of, especially after the rabbit reaches about six months. The adult coat has more guard hair than undercoat, so is not prone to matting.

A very small bunny, an adult Jersey Wooly Rabbit will only weigh up to about three pounds. This little rabbit is noted for being extremely gentle. They are sweet and docile, as well as smart.

The Jersey Wooly Rabbit likes people and affection. It enjoys companionship and being petted and handled.They are calm, quiet rabbits that are pretty easy to care for. All these great qualities make an ideal pet for children and adults alike.

Though its long fur makes it a bit more work than a short haired bunny, the Jersey Wooly enjoys being brushed. It only needs brushing about once a month as an adult. It will need just a bit more than that when it is young, until it looses its baby coat.


Behavior and Temperament of Jersey Wooly Rabbits


These rabbits are usually pretty friendly and family-oriented. Wooly Rabbits were bred to be family pets, so they are typically great as pets. They are known as “no-kick bunnies,” which describes the Jersey wooly rabbit temperament quite well. They are gentle and docile. Jersey Wooly Rabbit don’t tend to bite or kick, though they will still defend themselves if they feel threatened. They are usually quite docile.

They can be a good option for families with small children, mostly because they are easy to handle. However, small children will need supervision around them, as these small rabbits are easily injured. Overall, they are very affectionate with children and adults alike.

If you’ve never owned a rabbit before, then this is a great place to start.


Jersey Wooly Rabbits Size and Appearance


A fully grown Jersey Wooly weighs around 2.5 to 3.5 pounds. 3 lbs. is considered the ideal weight of a mature Jersey Wooly.

Jersey Wooly rabbits have a compact, semi-arched body type. They have small and erect ears that measure about 2.5 to 3 inches long. For exhibitions, 3 inches is the maximum length allowed according to the ARBA’s Standard of Perfection. For rabbit shows in the U.S., the head and ears of a Jersey Wooly earn the most points.

Jersey Wooly rabbits have a squarish and bold head, which is the reason for their popular nickname “mug-head.”


Caring for Jersey Wooly Rabbits


Even though this breed is relatively easy to care for, there are certain aspects that we should offer more attention so that our rabbit has a better quality of life. Now we will discuss the essential cares that Jersey Wooly rabbits need.

Due to their long fur, the Jersey Wooly requires more grooming than other short-haired rabbits. These rabbits need extra time for grooming as well as special diets.

A Jersey Wooly needs their coat brushed at least twice a week to keep it clean and tangle-free. Adult rabbits will need extra grooming once Spring arrives, which is why we also know this time of year by the common name of molting season.

Unlike other rabbit breeds, like the Angoras, the Jersey Woolly rabbit does not require any trimming or clipping to maintain its wool.

If your pet’s coat gets dirty, simply clean it with a damp cloth as rabbits should never be given a full bath from head to tail. We do not suggest full-body baths, as this causes them too much stress and may lead to heart failure and hypothermia.


Breeding and Reproduction of Jersey Wooly Rabbits


Small breeds like Jersey wooly is at 3.5 to 4 months. Eggs from females are released after sexual intercourse. They are receptive to mating on the 14th day of every 16 days. Female rabbits are receptive when their vagina is moist and red. unreceptive does have no moisture in their vagina and whitish pink color. To detect pregnancy, feel the doe’s abdomen if there are grape-sized embryos. Do this 12 days after they breed.

The pregnancy takes 31-33 days. If a doe has a small litter, it means pregnancy takes longer. The nest boxes should be in the cage 28-29 days after the breeding. Putting it too early will just be a litter box.


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