Jenday Conure for sale


Jenday Conure for sale

Jenday Conure for sale,the Jenday Conure is quite striking with its beautiful colors. They are closely related to the Sun Conure  and the Golden capped Conure. Sometimes there is confusion between the Jenday Conure and the Sun Conure but you can easily identify the Jenday by its green wings and back, while the Sun has mostly yellow wings.

A super sweet bird, the attractive Jenday Conure is very sociable and makes a very tame and lovable companion. They love to “talk”, and yes, they are rather noisy little creatures. Being very active, they enjoy playing with toys, climbing, and chewing. Their antics can be very comical and at the same time they are very affectionate.
The Jenday Conure will get up to 11 4/5″ (30 cm), 4.4 ozs for the male and
5 ozs for the female (125g -142 g).


Care and feeding of a Jenday Conure for sale


A roomy cage is required for a Jenday Conure unless the bird is to be let out for extended periods. Many birds can spend most of their time on a play pen or parrot perch. They eat a variety of sprouts, seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables, and commercial pellets, as well as the same nutritional foods humans eat.

      Bird Grooming:
The wings of Jenday Conure should be kept trim if you want to discourage flight and to prevent the loss of your pet through an open window or door.
Conures generally maintain their nails and beaks pretty well on their own through climbing and chewing. There are many mineral blocks, lava blocks, and other beak grooming items available at your pet store to help your bird keep its beak in shape. However, both the nails and the beak should be trimmed if they get overgrown.

     Seed Diet:
A seed only diet offers much more variety but requires additional vitamin and calcium supplements. Jenday Conures need not only nutritional requirements met but also variety for psychological enrichment.
A Jenday Conures diet consisting of a good small parrot mix which is supplemented with various fruits, green foods, millet spray, and occasionally some mealworms is generally regarded as suitable.


Housing Jenday Conures


    Bird Cages:
Jenday Conures love roomy cages! A cage best suited for a conure must be large enough that the tail does not touch the bottom, and the bird has enough room for unrestricted movements.
For a small size conure, a minimum of 24″x16″x20″ (60 x 40 x 50 cm), and for the larger species, a minimum of 44″x26″x40″ (120 x 65 x 100 cm). This will provide room for both horizontal exercise and vertical climbing.

    Bird Perch:
Provide your Jenday Conure with two Perches, sized between 3/4″ to 1″ (2 – 2.5 cm). Place one up high for roosting and one low by the food, water, and gravel dishes. Natural perches from willow, poplar and fruit trees are good for the bird’s feet and for it’s beak. The gnawing it will do on the perches will also alleviate your pet’s boredom.

   Where to Place Jenday Conure Cages:
Place the cage where it will be away from harmful fumes and drafts. To provide you pet with a sense of security, you can cover the cage at night.

An indoor aviary is a cage set up in a room. A bird room is an inside aviary with sand or corn cob covering a tiled floor. An outdoor or breeding aviary needs to have a protected shelter that can be heated and cooled where necessary. The ideal size of an aviary is a length which is 10 times the length of the bird and a width and height of 6′ (2m).


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