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Buy Himalayan Rabbit,Himalayan rabbits are easily recognizable by their pink eyes and distinctive color pattern. Their bodies are white, with darker markings on the nose, ears, tail, and feet. This is a small breed, weighing 2 ½ to 4 ½ pounds. They are the only breed that is classified in shows as cylindrical. They are judged in a stretched-out position.

The Himalayan bunny Rabbits are known for being one of the best pet rabbits. They are very calm, easygoing, and easy to handle. Himalayans are not demanding, but they do enjoy attention from humans. Their coats are easy to care for, so the only thing about them that requires great care is keeping their cages clean.

Himalayan Rabbits are one of the most popular small rabbit breeds. Its distinctive markings and pink eyes make it a favorite of rabbit enthusiasts, and its calm, friendly attitude makes it a wonderful pet. It is one of the best rabbits for children, with a slender, almost cat-like body that is easy for them to grasp. It is, however, important to remind them to be as gentle with the rabbit as he is with them.


Behavior of Himalayan Rabbit


This is a laid-back rabbit breed that is low maintenance and not aggressive. Remember rabbits are natural prey animals with acute senses and ever watchful for potential predators, and easily startled by sudden noises or unexpected movements; this may cause them to become afraid and run away.


Temperament of Himalayan Rabbits


Himalayans are gentle rabbits that enjoy human contact. They are considered one of the best rabbits to have as pets for their easy going demeanor and ease with children. They are one of the most laid back rabbits and love snuggling and handling. Although all rabbits can bite, the Himalayan is known for rarely doing so. While they are sweet and loving, they are also quite intelligent and will need mental stimulation to be happy. You can provide them with cat toys and even teach them tricks with a clicker. They also will need time out of their cage to roam around regularly.


Himalayan Rabbit Health and Nutrition


Being on the smaller side, Himalayans often enjoy a lifespan of around 10 years. Provide them with plenty of fresh timothy hay, clean water, and daily servings of leafy greens, and they are very unlikely to be presented with any health problems.

Though their laid-back natures make them slightly less active than many other small rabbits, Himalayans still need plenty of room to stretch, exercise, and play. Make sure that their enclosure is large enough for them to move around in comfortably, and take the time to litter train them so they can have free run of the house as well.


Characteristics of Himalayan Rabbits


The Himalayan bunny rabbit is small to medium in size. It has a white body, colored ears, nose and legs. The oval nose marking runs beneath the jaw and well up the profile of the nose towards the eyes. Depending on the variety, the colors may be black, blue, chocolate, chocolate brown or lilac.

The coloring of Himalayan rabbit is susceptible to change depending on temperature. The color grow darker in cold temperature and lighter in warmth. The babies are of white or pale grey color when born, and the coloring starts to appear at about 4 weeks. And the color develops fully over the first 6 months.

It has many similarities with the Californian rabbits. But it’s pretty easy to tell the difference between these two breed by their body type.

The Himalayan bunny rabbit have long, cylindrical body. And the Californians are much bulkier and heavier than the Himalayans. Their head is long and slim, with short, tapering, upright ears. They have red eyes and long, slender legs.


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