Hedgehog for sale


Hedgehog for sale


Hedgehog for sale,the African Pygmy Hedgehog, African Hedgehog, or Pruner’s Hedgehog grows between 6.7 and 9.5 inches (17-24cm). They generally live four to six years, but have been known to live up to nine or 10 years in captivity.
This hedgehog is a small mammal about the size of a guinea pig. They have a long pointy snout, large eyes and ears, four digits on each foot and a short tail. They have soft white to dark brown or even black fur covering their face and under parts.

Their coloring varies from black to white to gray and they have white-tipped spines or quills covering the top of their head, their back and their sides. With captive breeding quite a variety of quill colors and patterns have been developed. Some of these are chocolate, panda, snowflake, cinnamon, fawn, mocha, cream, smoke, albino and various patterning including spotted, large spot areas, and striped areas.

These adorable little critters make the perfect apartment pet. Hedgehogs are a very quiet, small friend and are not aggressive as long as you hold them regularly. This makes them a great choice for both adults and older children. They virtually fit in the palm of your hand!

Most people have no allergic reactions to hedgehogs. They have virtually no odor, are clean, and can be litter box trained. If you want a small pet but with a longer life span than say, a hamster, a hedgehog is definitely the pet for you!


Care and feeding of a Hedgehog for sale


Because they are insectivores they will like worms, meal worms, waxworms, crickets, slugs, snails, bugs, moths, spiders, pinkies and baby frogs. Even though they are classed as insectivores, these hedgehogs are opportunistic eaters with a healthy appetite and especially like foods they can hold and crush.
Offer a commercially prepared hedgehog food, if that is not available you can offer them a dry cat food that is high in meat or poultry. They will also eat small amounts of vegetables and have been know to like an occasional bit of apple. Provide a water bottle with fresh water daily.


Hedgehog Handling and Training


Although not a social animal in the wild, hedgehogs will respond positively to quiet handling and touching, being talked to and getting attention. They do need alone time and do not like to be disturbed during the day when they are sleeping. Some will be grumpy if bothered. It is best to interact with your pet in the evening when it is awake.
Most hedgehogs will accept handling, but will not come looking for it. Pick up your pet up by gently scooping him up underneath along his sides, then you can either hold him in the palm of your hand or set him gently on your forearm. A relaxed hedgehog will come out of his ball, but they can stay in a ball for hours at a time. Regular handling and offering treats will help to relax your pet. A tame “socialized” hedgehog will rarely erect its quills and will generally accept handling from anyone.


Behavior of African Pygmy Hedgehog

When you first receive your hedgehog, it is important to get them used to being handled by you. Most hedgehogs will become accustomed to your touch if you handle them often, and are careful with them. At first, the natural instinct for hedgehogs is to curl into a ball. After some time, with enough patience, your hedgehog will relax, open up, and start crawling all over you.

The easiest way to make this process smoother is by obtaining your hedgehog when it is at a young age. Be careful not to startle your hedgehog; a startled hedgehog may bite you.

A strange but natural process called self-anointing may happen, where your hedgehog salivates heavily, spreads the saliva all over its back, and contorts into some strange positions. This process is usually triggered by an odd smell. It is nothing to worry about, and some people even find it cute.

A healthy hedgehog needs to run around and let off some steam. After hedgehog-proofing your place, give your buddy time to run around outside of the enclosure.

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