Havana Rabbit


Havana rabbits for sale


Havana rabbits for sale,these guys are considered to be a medium breed rabbit and will weigh between 4.5 to 6.5 lbs. when full grown. They have a short, rounded body, fairly short upright ears and short soft dense fur that is easy to care for.

This bunny is a real beauty with its soft, shiny and rich colored fur coat. The Havana Rabbit is a very nice a nice show rabbit, but they are also generally considered to make excellent pets. They are one of the most well-rounded rabbits with a sweet docile personality.

Havana Bunny Rabbits are calm and very laid back. These sweet tempered bunnies will quickly bond with their owners. They enjoy receiving attention and affection.


Havana rabbits Personality and Behavior


Havana rabbits are calm and sweet. This breed will bond with their owners almost instantly as long as they are handled well, fed, and socialized with other rabbits and people. Havanas are good to show rabbits as they are pet rabbits. They are not very energetic but may also love to run and do mid-air hops once in a while.

This breed will do fine indoors, but you must let it out to get some fresh air regularly. It loves to stay on your lap, to get pets and cuddles but doesn’t be surprised if it is not receptive sometimes and may even want to remain on their own. With this behavior, the Havana is a good companion, a rabbit for seniors and also for single folks.


Havana rabbits Nutrition and Health


Smaller rabbits are generally less prone to degenerative health problems and enjoy a longer life span than their larger counterparts. When given a proper diet and exercise, a Havana rabbit will likely live over a decade.

Fresh, filtered water and timothy hay should form most of your rabbit’s diet. Always make them available to your rabbit in multiple places in your home. Supplement this with a daily serving of greens for extra vitamins and minerals and keep sugary treats to a minimum.

Though they are small, it is especially important to give your Havana plenty of room to move, explore, and stretch in their enclosure. When possible, litter train them so they can roam more freely around your house.


Caring for a Havana Rabbit


Despite the exotic-sounding name ‘Havana rabbit’ and a coat worth going crazy for, these rabbits are extremely easy to care for and will not cause you any extra headaches!

You just need to follow the general best practices that apply to all pet rabbit breeds, and your Havana rabbit will live a long and happy life.

So, what exactly do you need to do?

Six easy steps:

– Provide your Havana bunny with a large enough enclosure either indoors or outdoors. Make sure they have enough space to comfortably stretch their legs out and enjoy a hop or two, and pick a rabbit cage with a smooth bottom (no wires) to prevent paw and leg issues!

– Fill your Havana rabbit’s cage with quality rabbit-safe bedding and tons and tons of yummy Timothy hay. Remember to keep their home hygienic by spot cleaning it daily and doing a full clean and bedding change weekly!

– Feed your Havana rabbit a healthy, balanced diet to provide them with the right nutrients. You should aim for a rabbit diet that is very rich in Timothy hay (circa 70%), fresh greens, and rabbit pellets. Please remember not to give your pet rabbit too many treats or too much fruit as the excessive sugar will damage their small body!

– Spend as much time as you can with your Havana bunny . They are very social creatures, and they thrive off of companionship, attention, and social bonding. If you know you won’t have enough time to dedicate to them, then seriously consider getting two or three Havana rabbits!

– Give your Havana rabbit plenty of time outdoors (at least a couple of hours per day) to run around, let loose, and soak in some sunshine. 


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