Green Wing Macaw for sale


Green Wing Macaw for sale

Green Wing Macaw for sale.The Green winged Macaw is one of the largest of the Macaw parrots. It is quite beautiful in color and very distinguished its own right. It is considered to be one of the most docile Macaws and often referred to as the ‘gentle giant’. This pet bird it is appreciated for both its coloration and its temperament. It tends to be gentler, quieter, and a more affectionate Macaw than many of its relatives, making it a superb companion and family pet.

Green winged Macaws parrots are very colorful parrots. The head, shoulders, and breast are a rich deep red. There is a greenish band below the shoulders and wings, yielding to a dark blue on the wing, and a light blue on the rump and the upper and lower tail coverts. It has very long tapering red tail feathers that are tipped in blue as well. Its legs are dark gray and the iris of the eye is yellow. 

The Green Wing macaw is colored in a rich, deep red from its head down through the upper mantle of the back and wings, the underparts, and the tail. Below the red, running across the middle of its back and wings, is a band of green and thus its common name “Green-winged”. The green then yields to a light blue on its rump, the upper and lower tail coverts, and tip of the tail, and to a dark blue on the wings.

Social Behaviors of a Green Wing Macaw for sale

Green winged Macaws are lovable, friendly, and intelligent. Macaws can be quite loud, being especially loud when anticipating interaction with you. They will also mirror your moods, so if you are agitated, they can become agitated. If you are happy and loving, well so is your pet.

the Green winged Macaws are usually seen in pairs or small groups, but never in flocks. They are a very gentle bird that will get along with more than one person. But they are a typical Macaw and can be cranky at times and may prefer only one person or only one gender. To have a well rounded bird that enjoys more than one person, make sure it is well socialized with lots of folks

Handling/Training of Green Wing Macaws

The Green Wing Macaw is intelligent and eager for attention and play. It has a good disposition and responds well to handling and training. This Macaw adapts quickly. Once it becomes accustomed to a new environment and its keeper it is then ready to start bird training. Generally though, you should give a new arrival a few days to get use to you, your voice and its cage before trying to handle it. A hand fed baby will not need much taming and can often be handled right away, as it is use to human attention.

With all parrots, taming and training takes trust and patience. Macaws are very intelligent making them easy to tame. Green Wing Macaws are also very adept at learning and quick to train. They excel best at learning tricks and small tasks. They are not as inclined to talk and mimic as some of the other parrots, notably the Amazon Parrots, but they can learn a few words or phrases.


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