French Lop for sale


French Lop for sale


French Lop for sale,the French Lop weighs, on average, 10 pounds. Its body is large and muscular, and its legs somewhat short. The head is broad, and the ears medium-length, thick and furry. Its soft, dense fur comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

French Lops are active and sociable bunnies. They love and thrive on interaction with humans, as well as with other rabbits. They are a durable and normally even-tempered rabbit that is a popular breed for children.

This breed is able to live indoors or out, as long as there is adequate shelter. French Lops are playful and need some simple toys to keep them occupied. They usually live to be 5 to 7 years old. This breed tends to have large litters, sometimes with as many as twelve offspring.


Temperament and Behavior of French Lop for sale


The French Lop is a giant with a kind and peaceful demeanor. But because of their large size, it may need a large cage or enclosure where it can play, move around and sleep. It loves the outdoors, so you may want to consider building an enclosure outdoors instead of keeping it lonely indoors.

This breed tends to chew on anything that it will see. It can chew on your furniture and even on wooden fixtures of your home. It’s always best to rabbit-proof its surroundings whether you have its tank indoors or outdoors. For instance, if you want to keep your rabbit indoors, block out areas in your home where it can cause trouble or use a pet enclosure or removable gate to keep it in a certain area.
Outdoors is a different thing; you must use a very durable cage or enclosure to accommodate a large French Lop. Be wary of predators because even with its size, it is still prey to larger mammals and birds of prey.

The French Lop is a relaxed breed, very placid, and has a relaxed temperament. You can house this rabbit with other rabbit species as well as another French Lop. It won’t mind the company since this is a very social rabbit breed.

When you socialize this at a young age, this can become a friendly, happy, and healthy family pet. The French Lop is gentle even with young children; you’ll find them the subject of affection and will tolerate pretending play like dress-up, tea parties, and so on. But despite its docile temperament, remember that this rabbit is huge, and a small child may not be able to lift it or hold it. A responsible adult or caretaker must still be present to assist a child as he plays with the friendly French Lop.

The French Lop will not hesitate to use its hind legs to kick anyone or anything that it perceives as a threat. So remember to take extra care, especially if you are new to handling an adult French Lop.


Characteristics of French Lop


The French Lop rabbit is a very large breed. It closely resembles the Flemish Giant rabbit breed of today. But it is shorter in body length and weights slightly more. They have lop ears of between 5 and 8 inches long that hang down below the jaw, and an almost cubic appearance with a short thickset body and large head.

The front legs of the French Lop rabbit are short and straight. And the hind legs are carried parallel to the body. The breed may be self-colored (solid-colored) or have white patches on the head, chest and legs (broken pattern).

The breed has a dense, soft coat with medium length hair that comes in two color varieties. These color varieties are solid and broken. And within these categories a number of different colors can be found including agouti, black, chinchilla and fawn. Average body weight of these rabbits is between 4 and 5.5 kg.


Health and Diet of French Lop Rabbits


Clean water and a constant supply of timothy hay will keep just about any rabbit in good health, but ensuring a steady supply is absolutely necessary for French Lops (and any other giant breed). Being so much larger than many other breeds, their energy requirements simply to move around can be much higher and require more available food.
Dark, leafy greens given daily will help keep your lop’s vitamin and mineral levels healthy, as will a daily feeding of high nutrient kibble. Keep in mind that fresh hay should still make up the bulk of any rabbit’s diet; larger breeds seem to have a tendency towards ignoring hay if they’re given too many other foods.

Breeds descended from giants can probably get away with being fed treats of fruits, vegetables, and flowers slightly more often than smaller rabbits… But as always, give these foods in moderation and avoid plants, fruits, and veggies that could be poisonous.

With any larger breed of rabbit, make doubly sure to give them plenty of room in their enclosure to move around freely. While French Lops fair well both indoors and out, it’s vitally important to always give them enough space to exercise so that their joints remain healthy.


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