Four Toed Hedgehog for sale


Four Toed Hedgehog for sale


Four Toed Hedgehog for sale,the four-toed hedgehog is a small mammal with a long snout. The upper part of its body is covered with short, protective spines. Spines are white at the bases and tips and black in the middle. The face and underside of the hedgehog are covered in soft white or brown fur.
The Four-toed hedgehog is a species of a hedgehog that is found in central and eastern Africa. These small animals can vary greatly in coloration, but typical have brown or grey spines with white or cream colored tips. 
A full-grown four-toed hedgehog is between 6 and 11 inches long and weighs 18-25 ounces (510-708 grams).


Diet of Four Toed Hedgehog for sale


Four-toed hedgehogs feed primarily on insects in the wild. They also consume small reptiles and amphibians (such as snakes and frogs), eggs, invertebrates such as scorpions, spiders, and insects, and small mammals and birds.
A small part of their diet consists of plant material including fruit, seeds, and nuts. The hedgehogs at Cosley Zoo are fed fruits, vegetables, crickets, meal-worms, and a processed insectivore (insect-eater) diet for balanced nutrition.


Behavior of Four Toed Hedgehogs


Hedgehogs are solitary, nocturnal (active mainly at night) animals. They have poor vision and rely highly on smell, touch, and hearing to navigate and hunt. Hedgehogs can travel several miles in a single night searching for food. If they encounter a predator, hedgehogs roll tightly into a ball, protecting their head, belly, and legs. If further harassed, the hedgehog is likely to jolt and hiss in an attempt to ward off the predator. Hedgehogs display a strange habit of self anointing or “anting” when introduced to a new or particularly strong-smelling substance. This behavior produces frothy saliva which they then spread onto their spines. Hedgehogs prefer moderate temperatures and will often burrow and enter either a state of estivation (slowed to no activity in the summer) or hibernation (slowed to no activity in the winter).


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