Flemish Giant Rabbit for sale


Flemish Giant Rabbit for sale


Flemish Giant Rabbit for sale near me,Flemish Giant adults weigh over 13 pounds, and sometimes as much as 22 pounds. They have long, well built bodies and rounded rumps. Their ears are long and erect, and their heads broad.
If you’re looking for a gentle giant, you can’t go wrong with the Flemish Giant Rabbit. Their large size might seem intimidating, but they are quite calm and sweet nurtured. This rabbit makes a great pet. Its personality has been compared to that of the most gentle of dog breeds. Flemish Giants usually get along very well with other pets too.

The Flemish Giant is the largest rabbit breed in existence. These loyal pets thrive on attention, and they are gentle and mellow enough to be trusted with children. However its large size means it is not an ideal pet for small children. Small children could injure themselves or the rabbit when attempting to pick it up. But it is great for older children who can handle it properly.

Being one of the largest breeds of domestic rabbit, the Flemish Giant has a distinguishing arch back feature, starting behind the shoulders and carrying through to the base of the tail, giving a “mandolin” shape.
Their bodies are long and powerful, with broad hindquarter legs. Their fur is known to be glossy and dense, when stroked from head to tail, you can see the fur roll back and forth. On average, Flemish Giant Rabbits weigh 15 lbs, with the biggest ever recorded being 22 lbs. The longest one on record measured 4 feet 3 inches long.


Flemish Giant Rabbit for sale Diet


The diet of this breed is similar to other rabbit breeds. They simply require more quantity of food because of the large size. Clean and fresh hay is the main basis of their diet so the quantity of hay should be 70% in their diet. They require 30% mixer of pellets, fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens.

You can also provide fresh fruits and vegetables such as carrots, watercress, red or green lettuce, celery, mango, and pear but only in limited quantities. Leafy greens can also be a good food item for them and provide it as long as they do not have high water content.

Provide pallets to Flemish Giant rabbits daily. Adult rabbits eat 1/4 cup of high fiber pellets daily for every 5 pounds. While you feed the rabbit, keep in mind one thing that there is a different need of the diet for a pregnant, adult or sick rabbit. So before feeding the rabbit, once you must consult your veterinarian.

Hay is very important as it helps to keep their digestive system moving, as well as helping to wear down their teeth so they are less prone to dental issues. High-quality supplementary pellets help to provide extra vitamins and minerals that keep your rabbit healthy. Take a look at a supplementary pellet food we recommend below.


Flemish Giant Rabbit Temperament


Many have described the Flemish Giant as a gentle giant. As a breed, they tend to be calm, docile, and sweet-natured. Of course, individual personalities can vary. Also, your rabbit’s background may influence how it interacts with you and your family. On the whole, though the Flemish Giant makes an excellent family pet.

The Flemish Giant is an intelligent pet. Like most rabbits, you can train them to use a litter box. They’re also capable of learning tricks. Also, their size allows them to live safely with other pet animals, and many enjoy doing so.

At the same time, as big as they are, Flemish Giant rabbits are still rabbits. This means that they’re prey animals. They may become nervous or frightened more easily than you might expect from an animal that large. And, as we all know, frightened rabbits sometimes kick, scratch and bite.

So it’s important to take special care with Flemish Giants, as they’re large enough and muscular enough to do real damage if they feel threatened.


Giant rabbit Appearance 


It is no secret that these rabbits are large. These rabbits can reach up to 30 inches long and normally weigh between 15 and 22 lbs on average. Their breed standard states they do not actually have a maximum weight. The heaviest recorded weight of a Flemish Giant Rabbit is 50 pounds!

These rabbits have a distinctive head and V-shaped long ears. They also have an arched shaped body and a rounded tail.

Male and female Flemish Giants are very easy to tell apart. Bucks have a broader head while female rabbits have large, fur-coated skin or dewlaps just below their chins. These dewlaps are used by the females to warm their baby bunnies! Males are also usually larger than females.


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