Ferrets for sale


Ferrets for sale


Ferrets for sale,Ferrets are long and furry animals that will generally live 5 to 7 years, or even 11 years or more if well taken care of. Males are generally about twice as big as females. They can weigh up to 5 pounds while females usually don’t get more than 3 pounds. From the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail, males will grow to a length of 21-24 inches and females 16-18 inches. Ferrets have scent glands all over their bodies which secrete odors as a form of protection.
Their haircoat is shiny and thick. Ferrets have guard hairs which are longer and rougher, and an undercoat which is softer and usually a different color than the guard hairs. Their coats come in many different patterns and colors. Colors include dark and light brown, cream, red, gray, and white. The most popular coloration is the sable which looks similar to a racoon, having a “mask” that is a band or a V shape across their eyes.

Ferrets are extremely playful, very curious, love to go exploring, and love to play games. The name ferret comes from the latin word “furritus” meaning “little thief”. Though ferrets have a very curious nature, they are hardy animals that can contribute to many treasured memories.
Ferrets can be just as great of a companion as a dog or cat, but do need a lot of attention and care. Their average life span is about 5 – 7 years though they can live up to 11 or more years if given good care.


Care and Feeding of Ferrets for sale


In their natural environment they eat whole prey. This includes all parts of the killed animal. They do not eat grains, fruits and vegetables (though they may get a tiny amount of this because it was what their prey had just eaten), and they cannot digest the fiber present in these foods. They aren’t very efficient in absorbing nutrients from their diet and the food passes through them rather quickly, so they eat small amounts often and will stash extra food away to be eaten later. Ferrets get their energy from fat (not carbohydrates) and from meat protein (not vegetable proteins). Ferrets require a diet that is highly concentrated with fat, has highly digestible meat, and has minimal carbohydrates.

As ferrets in nature are carnivorous predators, the most balanced and natural diet to feed ferrets is a whole prey diet. Appropriate sized prey animals include mice, rats, or chicks which can be purchased frozen or live. The next best choice to feeding a whole prey diet is to feed a natural prepared ferret food, a balanced raw carnivore diet. Many pet food companies are realizing that heat processed food may not be the answer for a natural diet and have responded, developing production of raw, balanced, organic pet foods. These diets are available in either freeze-dried or frozen form.


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