Dusky Pionus


Dusky Pionus


Dusky Pionus is a small to medium-sized parrot with a charming personality. They are also known as the “Violet Pionus,” and from a distance, they may appear predominantly dark brownish, but as you go near, they will appear slate blue overall. However, upon closer observation, you will notice that they are a colorful bird with fascinating combinations of colors. There is also significant color diversity between individual birds that has nothing to do with the bird’s sex.

Their head is slaty blue, with a red mark by the forehead and a black patch covering the ear on either side. The feathers on the throat and sides of the neck are tipped in white, while the chin and breast feathers are bordered in a faint pink.
These markings are frequently used to draw comparisons to the peregrine falcon. The upper and lower body feathers are brown with lighter edges or a range of purple-reds or reddish-blues.

The tail is blue, with vivid red feathers that distinguish it from other pionus. The wings are purple-blue on the outside, deep violet blue on the inside, and grey on the legs. Their beak is dark gray with a yellow band at the base of the upper beak, and their eye is brown with a soft greyish eye ring.

Juveniles have more green on their heads, a greenish hue across their wings, and darker eyes.

Dusky Pionus are excellent pets because they are generally well-behaved. They are less high-strung and less demanding than many other birds once they have become accustomed to their surroundings and feel secure.

Aside from their unique coloring, these birds are very peaceful and unobtrusive. Despite being the noisiest of the Pionus species, they are normally much quieter than other parrots. They are an excellent pet for people who live in apartments or in close quarters with neighbors, where noise might be an issue.


Dusky Pionus Diet and Nutrition


In the wild, this species feeds on farmland fruits, berries, seeds, blooms, and maize. In captivity, the dusky pionus parrot thrives on a well-formulated commercial seed and pellet mix fed daily with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Birds require a variety of vitamins and minerals to sustain immunity and key life activities. A diversified diet is also beneficial in keeping your parrot interested in eating. If the bird receives the same foods on a daily basis, it may become bored and depressed.

Eighty percent of your parrot’s diet should consist of seeds, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables, with the remaining twenty percent made up of grains and pellets. Provide new food to your parrot every morning. Make sure it has enough food to last the entire day.
Every bird is different; feed it as much as it will consume, which could be a quarter to a cup of food. Provide additional fresh food around dusk or dinner.

Avoid fatty foods because these birds are prone to becoming overweight. Avoid, for example, feeding banana chips. This delicacy is popular among birds, but it is high in fat and can lead to obesity.


Personality / Care of Dusky Pionus parrots


Dusky pionus parrots are gentle birds who make loving and faithful friends. They are admired for their lovely and fun nature, easygoing demeanor, and intelligence. These characteristics make this parrot an excellent choice for first-time parrot owners as well as a lovely family companion. Because of its calm attitude and ease of maintenance, it is also a perfect choice for apartment residents.

Owners describe them as curious and social parrots who are easy to train. They bite less frequently than other parrot species. Some  can learn to mimic (but not all learn to talk!) with a little practice. They like taking showers on a regular basis since it helps them keep their plumage in good condition.

A medium-sized parrot cage is enough for Duskies, but larger is always preferable because they are active parrots. Toys are always necessary to keep kids entertained. They appear to have a particular fondness for swings.


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