Continental Giant Rabbit for sale


Continental Giant Rabbit for sale


Continental Giant Rabbit for sale,the Continental giant is actually one of the oldest and largest rabbit breeds known to us. While many experts believe they date back to the 16th century, the first documented Continental giant was recorded in 1983.

While they are descendants of the Flemish giant breed, Continentals share bloodlines with many other breeds, including Belgian and German. 
As a result, many made their way into livestock shows and became pet rabbits due to their easy-going and docile nature.
There are actually two varieties of the Continental Giant Rabbit, and they are the White Continental and the Colored Continental.

Continental Giants may be the largest bunny breed out there, but their size does not stop them from also being cute. These furry little friends, or furry big friends, are as cute as a (very large) button.

They have a semi-arched body, with the body arch starting at the shoulders and continuing down to the tail.


Care Requirements of Continental Giant Rabbit for sale


Because of its large size, the Continental Giant will do best in a house that has plenty of space. You can give your pet a large dog crate so that he will have a hideaway to relax in and retreat to, but this should only be a temporary solution. While having a lot of space to hop about freely and explore is a must for a big rabbit such as the Conti, they still need a home of their own.

For this purpose, you can choose a spacious rabbit cage, made from natural, rabbit-safe materials or coated aluminum wires. The bottom of the cage shouldn’t be made from wire, though, as this could seriously hurt your rabbit’s feet and cause issues such as sore hocks. Instead, opt for solid flooring, lined with bunny-safe bedding.

The best bedding for Continental Giant is the one used for most other rabbit breeds and that’s straw or hay. Alternatively, wood and paper pellets or shredded cardboard could do the trick. The bedding should be frequently replaced to ensure good hygiene and eliminate unpleasant odors in the cage.
If you decide to give your bunny free reign of your home, keep in mind that these rabbits will chew on household items, so it is best to rabbit-proof your home so that your pet will not end up destroying everything from papers and shoes to wires and furnishings. 


Continental Giant Rabbit Temperament


Loving and kind, Continental Giant Rabbits are friendly to an extreme and love to play. This includes being taught tricks, as they are quite an intelligent breed of rabbit. Gentle, frequent handling when they are young will predispose them to behavior similar to a dog by the time they’re fully grown, often making them the life of a party.


Continental Giant Rabbit Coat and Colours


A Continental giant rabbit has very soft, dense and thick fur on it. If kept as a pet, grooming it is an absolute necessity in order to keep its coat healthy. Large breeds like the Continental may also have trouble keeping themselves clean, especially as they get older. Taking the necessary steps to keep it clean is important to its overall health

When it comes to colours, the Continental giant rabbit comes in a variety of them, just like most domestic dogs and cats. Due to the breeding and mixing of different bloodlines, Continentals will have various mixed traits, one of them being the colors of their coats. Fortunately, this allows pet owners a variety of choices to choose from when it comes to picking your Continental Rabbit. Colours include light grey, steel grey, fawn, sandy, black and white.


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