Cinnamon Ferret for sale


Cinnamon Ferret for sale


Cinnamon Ferret for sale,Cinnamon ferrets have a color similar to the spice, which is a reddish brown shade. Their guard hairs are a red-brown color as well, and they will have a “mask” on their face to match. They also usually have dark auburn or black eyes and a pink nose. Cinnamon ferrets are rarer than other color types and often come at a higher price because of it.
The undercoat of a cinnamon is white to golden and the nose color can vary from beige to pink to brick red.
The cinnamon ferret is a distinctive pet with a red-toned coat. Extremely rare and oftentimes expensive to buy, this dapper animal makes a great addition to any ferret enthusiast’s home. However, if you’re a novice ferret owner, we recommend bringing home a more accessible ferret, such as a black or albino one.


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