Chinese Hamster for sale


Chinese Hamster for sale


Chinese Hamster for sale,Chinese hamsters, also known as Chinese striped hamsters or Chinese dwarf hamsters, are small rodents native to China and Mongolia’s deserts.
These hamster are small rodents with a grayish black coat and a black dorsal stripe. Adult animals weigh approximately 39–46 gm, and measure approximately 9 cm in length. This species has been shown to be susceptible to a number of experimentally induced viral, bacterial, and parasitic infections. In recent years, the Chinese hamster’s contributions as a laboratory animal have been largely overshadowed by the focus on its cell lines and the role it plays in scientific research and biotechnology.


Care Diet and Nutrition of Chinese Hamster for sale


Feed your Chinese hamster a diet of nuts, grains, seeds, and timothy hay, and supplement their diets with fruits and vegetables, such as apples, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, and pears. Commercial food blends offer all of the vitamins and minerals they need. Therefore, the supplemental foods generally shouldn’t make up more than 10% of the hamster’s overall diet.

Always keep a bowl of food in the enclosure, and discard uneaten food after 24-hours. When you feed your hamster fresh foods, offer it to them in the evening. Your hamster is waking up from its slumber and is ready to eat.

Hamsters like to graze and store food in their cheek pouches. And sometimes they’ll stash food in their cage for later. Your hamster might also wake up a few times a day to eat and then go back to sleep.

Always provide a clean source of water for your hamster, and refresh it daily. Cage water bottles work well because they are easy to keep clean and sanitary. You can also use a shallow dish for water until your hamster learns to drink from the bottle.


Temperament and Intelligence of Chinese Hamsters


The Chinese hamster is one of the more intelligent hamster breeds. They are among the easiest breeds to tame. Although they can be a bit nippy at first, they’ll quickly understand you mean no harm and warm up to you.

They are also among the most playful of hamsters. After taming, you’ll find that they’ll enjoy interacting with you just as much as they do their fellow hamsters. Chinese hamsters can typically be raised in same-sex communities with minimal problems, provided that the hamsters have been together since an early age.


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