Chinchilla for sale


Chinchilla for sale


Chinchilla for sale,chinchillas have the finest fur of all the mammals which makes them very soft. They are very clean with no noticeable odor and their dense fur keeps lice, fleas and other parasites from taking up residence! They make good pets and are very lively.
The average lifespan of a Chinchilla is 8 – 10 years, though in captivity they have been known to live up to 20 years.
Their tail looks like a squirrels’ tail and accounts for about one third of their length. The chinchillas’ body is 22.5 – 38 cm (8 3/4 – 15 in) long. The tail is 7.5 – 15 cm (3 – 6 in) long. They can weigh anywhere from 18 to 35 ounces.


Care and feeding of a Chinchilla for sale


Chinchillas eat pellets, which you should feed them daily in a ceramic or stainless steel heavy bowl. We find Oxbow Chinchilla Cuisine and Mazuri Chinchilla pellets to be the best for chinchillas.
They sit up to eat, holding their food in their front paws. Their cheek teeth grow throughout life.They should be fed a Chinchilla pellet which provides most of their nutritional needs. Use a crock for its food as they are difficult to knock over and spill and they are hard to chew. They can be fed occasional greens, and they love dried bananna pellets for a treat.
Chinchillas must be given access to a dust bath (available at pet stores) at least once every few days. Chinchilla teeth grow continuously so to keep them trim you must provide a block of wood for the chinchilla to chew on.
Provide a water bottle with fresh water daily.


Social Behavior of Chinchillas


Social animals, they live in small family groups which are part of larger colonies of 100 or more. It is better to keep pairs or families in captivity.
Chinchillas are very sensitive and highly suseptible to stress when introduced to a new environment or new companions. Introduce anything new slowly, giving them time to examine it before making a permanent change.

Some chinchilla behaviors can seem rather strange. For example, you may see your chinchilla eat its own poop. This is a normal, healthy behavior that provides your pet with essential vitamins and nutrients. Also, chinchillas can release tufts of hair as a defense mechanism. If this happens, don’t worry! It will grow back. As creatures of habit, chinchillas need to be introduced to changes slowly in regards to feedings and routines.


Chinchilla Exercise


Chinchillas love to come out of their cages and run around. This can be done in a supervised fashion in a cordoned off area. Chinchillas love to chew anything so watch out for wires, outlets and baseboards which can get chewed up quickly and can be dangerous for your pet. Make sure to cover up or block access to any outlets or electrical cords. The safest place to let your pet chinchilla play is on tiled, linoleum or wood floors without wires and outlets. Plus, these surfaces make for an easy clean-up.


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