Cherry Head Conure for sale


Cherry Head Conure for sale

Cherry Head Conure for sale,the Red-masked Conure or Cherry headed Conure is an affectionate and playful coompanion bird. When they are hand raised they have no fear of people and will quickly become ‘one of the bunch’. They make a wonderful pet!
Besides being very intelligent and loveable, the Red-masked Conure or Cherry-headed Conure is a real clown and loves to show off. Cherry Head Conures are easy to tame and are good talkers. They do however have a grating call and can get quite loud. They also love to play and chew, so be sure to provide them with lots of wooden toys to keep them well occupied.

The Red masked Conure is the bird most often referred to when describing the Cherry Headed Conure, however it is one of four conures that are sometimes called the Cherry-headed Conure. 

This confusion usually happens because these conures can look very similar when they are juveniles. Though generally beyond six months they can be distinguished, It does takes several years for them to get their full coloration, and then they are much easier to identify. The Red-masked Conure is the smallest and is the most colorful of these four red-headed conures.


Behaviors of a Cherry Head Conure for sale


Like other conures, Cherry Head’s very energetic, playful and social birds that like to have attention. They particularly like toys and swings in their cages and require companions. It is best to house this bird with other conures and birds of similar size. They have a fairly powerful beak and like to chew on many objects so anything that is flimsy and comes into contact with them is likely to get shredded. They are friendly and safe but you should still keep an eye on them when they are around small children as their beaks could still nip a child. Intelligent and curious, they can also be trained to perform various other tricks and tasks using treats as rewards.


Care and feeding of Cherry Head Conures


To look after your Cherry Headed Conure properly you must make sure it is kept at a comfortable temperature, similar to make it has in the wild, which is around 21 to 27 degrees Celsius.

They need a large cage that allows them to stretch their wings and the more conures housed in a cage, the bigger it needs to be. This cage needs to be furnished with perches of varying sizes to promote foot health, toys to keep them entertained, plus feeding and watering bowls for sustenance. Because of the noises these birds make, you may which to consider a soundproof bird cage, see here.

A healthy diet of conure food is made up mostly of pellets and supplemented with fruits and vegetables. Avoid the common mistakes of feeding your birds a diet that is made up mostly of seeds that are high in fat and can cause obesity.

Fruit such as: apple, pear, orange, banana, pomegranates, kiwi, papaya, cactus fruits, forming about 30 percent of the diet; vegetables such as: carrot, celery, green beans and peas in the pod; fresh corn on the cob; green leaves such as: Swiss chard, lettuce, kale, sowthistle, dandelion, chickweed; spray millet; small seed mix such as: canary, millet and smaller amounts of oats, buckwheat, safflower and a little hemp; soaked and sprouted sunflower seed; cooked beans and pulses, boiled maize; complete kibble.


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