Champagne Ferret for sale


Champagne Ferret for sale


Champagne Ferret for sale,Champagne ferrets are a beautiful soft brown shade with a white or golden undercoat. They may also be called a “dilute chocolate” instead of champagne. Their guard hairs range from a tan color to a paler shade of chocolate brown.
They have lighter coats and cream to white undercoats. They generally have light-colored eyes. However, sometimes their eyes are dark red.
They also have burgundy or brown eyes with rings of color around them. The nose can be either pink, beige, or pink with a light brown “T” shape.


Appearance of Champagne Ferret for sale


The champagne ferrets are often mistaken for chocolate Ferrets.But while the chocolate ferret features a wheaten or cream colored under-coat with chocolate guard hairs, the champagne ferret has much more saturated hues. They have burgundy or light brown eyes and pink or beige noses.

Another variation of the champagne ferret is the champagne point ferret. This little ferrets has a cream or white under-coat and diluted chocolate brown or tan points.


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