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Bronze Wing Pionus for sale


Bronze Wing Pionus for sale is a medium-sized stocky parrot with a charming personality. Their general color is dark violet-blue, with a white chin, pink tips to the throat feathers, and a bronze dusting on the wings. Overall, there are many minor color blendings. The feathers on the head, neck, upper back, wings, and upper tail are bronze to bronze-green with blues to purple-blue tips, while the feathers on the underparts are dark green with violet-blue tips.

The lower back, rump, and tail are a deep blue, with the bright red feathers on the undertail noticeable to all pionus. The under wings are blue to bluish-green, with brown legs. Their beak is yellowish, their eyes are brown, and their eye ring is greyish.
Juveniles have far less developed color diversity and are generally more greenish. Instead of greyish-pink, the eye ring is yellowish.

The Bronze-winged Pionus is stunning! The lovely, though modest, coloring of its plumage is especially visible in bright light, and the vibrant blues on the undersides of the wings may be seen when kept in an aviary.

The Bronze-winged Pionus is an excellent family companion since it is curious, sociable, and extremely intelligent. They are also a good pet for folks who live in apartments or near to neighbors (where noise might be an issue) because of their relatively quiet and tranquil disposition.



Diet and Nutrition of Bronze Wing Pionus (for sale)



Bronze-winged pionus feed on seeds, insects, and fruits in the wild. In captivity, the bronze-winged pionus thrives on a diet of high-quality seeds and pellets supplemented with a variety of fresh foods such as vegetables, some fruits, grains, and nuts. Consult your veterinarian to determine the best food for your specific bird.

In the morning and at night, provide fresh food. To avoid pesticides, choose organic food and properly wash all fresh fruits and vegetables. Cut them into bite-sized pieces that your bird will be able to eat. If you have a fussy eater who refuses to sample fresh fruits and veggies, eat them in front of your parrot until the bird becomes interested.


Bronze Wing Pionus Personality / Care


Bronze Wings are lovely creatures who make devoted friends. They are admired for their lovely and fun nature, easygoing demeanor, and intelligence.

These characteristics make this parrot an excellent choice for first-time parrot owners as well as a lovely family companion.
Because of its tranquil attitude and ease of upkeep, it is also a perfect choice for apartment residents. Owners describe them as curious and social parrots who are easy to train.

They bite less frequently than other parrot species. Some  can learn to mimic (but not all learn to converse!) with a little practice. They like taking showers on a regular basis since it helps them keep their plumage in good condition. Bronze Wings require a medium-sized parrot cage, but larger is always preferable because they are active parrots. Toys are always necessary to keep kids entertained. They appear to have a particular fondness for swings.




These birds have no visible means of sexing, yet their eye rings turn a darker pink during breeding season. The Bronze-winged Pionus has a very strong pair relationship, which can lead to overzealous preening and plucking around the back of each other’s necks.
They are a rather difficult bird to breed due to their nervous nature. A nest box should be roughly 10″ x 10″ x 24″ (26 x 26 x 62 cm) in size and put high up in a dark section of the aviary to encourage breeding.
The female will deposit 4 to 5 eggs, which will incubate for around 26 days. When there are chicks in the nest, pairs may take mealworms and greenstuffs. Corncob is a popular weaning food. In the wild, the young leave the nest after around 8 weeks, but in captivity, it might take up to 10 weeks.


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