Black Palm Cockatoo for sale


Black Palm Cockatoo for sale


Black Palm Cockatoo for sale.Black Palm Cockatoos are gorgeous, intelligent, and massive birds, making them a favorite among bird enthusiasts. However, these cockatoos have an unruly temperament that makes them most suited for experienced bird owners.
The Black Palm Cockatoo is considered to be the most beautiful of the Cockatoos.

However, the Palm Cockatoo is endangered in the wild and is mostly kept for breeding purposes. While the Palm Cockatoo is known for being loving and affectionate, just like any Cockatoo, they are also very needy. If you own a Cockatoo, then you know why they are called the “love sponges” of the parrots. 


Appearance of a Black Palm Cockatoo for sale


The black palm cockatoo has a smoky or dark gray color. The colors may vary as some may be darker than others. The bird’s crest, legs, and feet also have this uniform color.

However, its cheek has a patch of bare red skin. This bright red color usually changes when the parrot gets excited. Its grayish-black beak is very attractive and gives the parrot a unique profile.

The palm cockatoo’s beak is very large (one of the largest among parrots) and distinct. The shape of the beak is such that the lower and upper mandibles can’t touch each other, enabling the bird to crack very tough nuts easily.

Black palm cockatoos are monomorphic species, so it’s impossible to distinguish between the female and male species visually. You can only differentiate their gender through DNA sexing.


Temperament of a Black Palm Cockatoo


Parrots are often known as being quirky, affectionate, and intelligent. Although Black Palm Cockatoos have many of the same characteristics as their other parrot family members, they aren’t as affectionate or easy to tame.

These unruly birds need persistent training if you have any hope of your pet following your commands. You also have to be very diligent because these birds are super intelligent. An unruly behavior with high intelligence is not a good mix.

Black Palm Cockatoos are so intelligent that they’re actually one of the few bird species that finds and uses tools in the wild. Whenever a female is trying to find a place to nest, the males will use a big stick to drum on hollow trees. It is unclear if the males are doing this to find a place to nest or if they are marking their territory.


Care and feeding of Black Palm Cockatoos


These birds can tolerate variable temperatures but it should never get below freezing in their enclosure. They are best kept in a large cage size of 2.6 m W X 4m L X 2.6m H (8.5X13X8.5 feet), according to Bar spacing should be 1 inch (2.54 cm) and the cage needs to be sturdily constructed to stand up to the bird’s strong beak.

Nail clipping may be required as will beak trimming if you cannot supply native pandanus nuts. These powder down parrots enjoy baths and should regularly get the opportunity to get wet. Molting is a steady process where the bird loses one to two feathers at a time.

Feeding should be with a high-quality pelleted diet with at least half of its diet consisting of fruits, nuts, and vegetables. Obtaining nuts from its natural environment can be very beneficial to your bird and help it keep its beak in good shape.


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