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Atelerix for sale


Atelerix for sale,atelerix hedgehogs are solitary, nocturnal animals. They generally move along the ground, but may climb and swim when the need arises. They are highly energetic, sometimes covering miles of ground in a single night during foraging. These hedgehogs prefer temperatures between 24 and 30 °C. When it is hotter than that, they find shelter in a burrow and go into a state of estivation, or when it is colder they goe into a state of hibernation in order to conserve energy. Four-toed hedgehogs communicate witht he help of snorts, hisses, and a quiet twittering sound. When attacked, they can scream loudly, and males also produce a birdlike call during courtship. When threatened, these animals tense up all the muscles on their back to cause the spines to stand erect, and then roll into a ball protecting their limbs and head. They create a large amount of foam by combining the aromatic substance with their saliva, and spread it onto its spines.
These hedgehogs have a central parting of the spines at the crown of the head, and short ears. They have no big toe on the back foot. In addition, they have a whitish band across the forehead.

Social Behaviors of Atelerix for sale

In their natural habitat the African Pygmy Hedgehog does not exhibit aggressive behavior, but is solitary except during their brief mating period. It is best to keep individuals separate in captivity. Males will often fight, though two females can be house together as long as there is plenty of room and they have separate sleeping places.
To most household pets a hedgehog is considered prey, so be sure to keep them well out of the reach of any other pets.

Diet and Nutrition of Atelerix hedgehog

Atelerix hedgehog are omnivores, mainly insectivores. They feed on insects, grubs, snails, spiders, some plant matter, and even small vertebrates. They have a high tolerance for toxins and have been recorded consuming scorpions and even venomous snakes.



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