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Buy American Rabbit,the American rabbit has a semi-arch body type, which means the top line of the body (when viewing them from the side) doesn’t immediately rise behind the ears but flattens and curves upward at the midsection. Their ears are rather narrow, proportional in length and tapered. They can weigh anywhere from 9-11 lbs. once fully grown, so they are a medium to large sized rabbit.

The American rabbit is a dual purpose breed which was developed for both meat and fur production. Some people suggest that the American rabbit was the first breed of domestic rabbit developed in the United States.

The body shape of this breed suggests that it may well have been bred from blue Vienna, Beveren, Imperial and Flemish Giants. 

There are two varieties of the American Rabbit – Blue and White – the American Blue and the American White Rabbit; both are sweet, but hardy, and have an amazing mandolin body shape (like a semi arch).


American Rabbit Temperament


Passive, deferential, and timid, the American rabbit shows its breeding heritage very strongly in its sweet demeanor. They are well regarded as being excellent mothers, and have even been known to make good foster mothers for other breeds of rabbit.

Especially in regards to stressful situations, the American’s easygoing attitude makes it a highly desirable pet. Of the many available rabbit breeds to choose from as pets, the American is extremely well suited to big city life and apartment dwelling.


American Rabbit Appearance: How do they look Like


There are two recognized varieties of the American rabbit -the Blue and White. It is also possible to find a black colored American rabbit but this color is not recognized by the ARBA.
The American rabbit is medium-sized and has a body shape like a mandolin, or semi-arch back and erect ears (not lop ears).

The American Fuzzy lop breed is a different breed with lop ears and sometimes confused with the American Rabbit.


Physical Characteristics of American Rabbit


The American rabbit is classed as a large breed. It has a mandolin or semi-arch body shape and a coat ideal for using as fur. The head of the breed is well shaped and rather narrow with the ears, proportionate in length, tapering to a point.

The coat of this rabbit breed is free from molt and good deep color. Which is free from any stray colored hairs, with dense, soft, fine and silky texture.

Currently two color varieties of the American rabbit breed is available, White and Blue. The White variety has white coat with red eyes. And the Blue variety has a rich, clear, dark uniform slate blue, as deep as possible, uniformly covering the entire body.

The Blue variety of these rabbits are reputed to have the darkest blue of any domestic rabbit breed. Like most other rabbit breeds, the American does are heavier than the bucks. Average body weight of this rabbit breed is between 4 and 5.5 kg.


Cleaning Teeth Nails and Ears of American Rabbits


Nails grow quickly and need to be trimmed regularly. If this breed of rabbit is allowed to run around, especially in a large enclosed area outside, they will wear their nails down slightly. If not they need to be checked, say once a month for length and infection.

A Rabbit’s nails should not be trimmed past where the white end of the nail meets the pink part!

Despite the rabbit regularly cleaning its own ears, their ears still need to be checked for dirt build-up, mites or infection regularly, especially if they are kept outdoors.


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