American Fuzzy Lop for sale


American Fuzzy Lop for sale


American Fuzzy Lop for sale,the American Fuzzy Lops generally have wonderful personalities and like many of the lop rabbits, they love to be cuddled! They have wonderful personalities and are also great for showing. They are furry and cute and can be very loving and affectionate.

This bunny is considered a good first rabbit for new owners. Both males and females are very sweet and make excellent pets though females can sometimes be a bit more shy and skittish. Females can especially be nervous with loud noises and fast movements.

True to their name they do have long fuzzy coats. They will need some regular grooming, generally once a week for an adult. Babies will need grooming more often until they get their adult coats at about six months.


 Appearance of American Fuzzy Lop for sale


An American Fuzzy Lop rabbit is a beautifully soft, long-haired breed of rabbit with a very short compact body that appears muscular.

This Fuzzy rabbit breed has a broad chest and muscular well-rounded hindquarters.

The AFL rabbit has the appearance and body type of a Holland Lop but with longer rollback fur like an Angora rabbit; woolly and super soft hair that’s not prone to matting and tangling.

Although the American Fuzzy Lop rabbit is a woolly breed its wool will be shorter than that of a commercial Angora rabbit, it can still be spun as wool for garments.

The AFL has a variety of different color classifications, solid color or broken pattern with distinctive markings; Pure White, Colored, natural or dyed!


Caring for a American Fuzzy Lop


Despite the unique appearance of the American Fuzzy Lop, caring for it is similar to other rabbit breeds. You must always make sure that you’re your pet has the correct diet, housing or enclosure, companionship, and medical treatment.

When it comes to a rabbit’s diet, hay should make up 70 to 80% of its food. You may also serve vegetables and fruits for a well-rounded nutritious diet.

Provide unlimited fresh water and hay. Place the water in a heavy shallow dish so your rabbit can easily drink but won’t knock this over as it moves around its enclosure. You may also place an inverted water bottle with a spout at the end for your pet to drink from.

Your pet also needs healthy and safe food to eat daily. Protect it from pesticides, toxins, and herbicides by giving it organic fruits and vegetables. Younger rabbits need alfalfa hay because it’s rich in calcium, which is an important mineral for growing bones. Adult American Fuzzy Lops will also eat delicious legume hay.


Habitat, Cage Conditions and Setup


Your American Fuzzy Lop is quite energetic and will require a fairly large cage. We recommend something about 6’ L x 2’ W x 2’ H. Even with a cage this size, it will be important to give your pet plenty of time to roam around outside the cage so it can get the exercise it requires to stay healthy. Inside its cage, it will need a litter box, food bowl, and a drink bottle. It would be best to put some toys in the cage to keep your pet busy when you are not around. Add plenty of Timothy hay that they can use as bedding. It will also help them stay warm if it’s feeling chilly.


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