Alexandrine Parakeet for sale


Alexandrine Parakeet for sale


Alexandrine Parakeet for sale,the Alexandrine parakeets are distinguished by their huge head and bill, sleek body, and long tapered tail. The male is mostly green, with a grayish-blue patch on the cheeks and a dark purple-red pattern on the wing. A wide rose-pink collar, a faint black stripe from the cere to the eye, and a black stripe across the lower cheek The inner tail feathers are bluish-green with a yellow underside and pale yellow-white tips. The beak is a dark crimson color with a lighter tip. They have a 40-year average lifespan.
Females are lighter than males. Females lack the rose-pink collar and a black band across the cheek patches, and their central tail feathers are shorter. These birds reach a maximum size of 23″ in length (58 cm).


Alexandrine Parakeet Temperament


Alexandrine parakeets are playful and friendly, which explains why they have been popular pets since Ancient Greece. These birds are intelligent and athletic, capable of learning tricks, and a lot of fun to be around. They can also speak fluently and have a wide vocabulary.

Alexandrine parakeets form strong bonds with their owners and are devoted companions. They require a lot of attention and time spent with their human relatives outside of their cage.

Alexandrine parakeets, like any pet birds, must be socialized and tamed before becoming gentle family members. Alexandrine parakeets in their “teenage” years, in particular, require patience and diligence because they frequently go through an aggressive period. Adult Alexandrine parakeets are not prone to biting and make great family companions after that hurdle has been overcome.


Personality and Behavior of Alexandrine Parakeets


The Alexandrine parakeet is a playful bird that can talk a lot and has a large vocabulary. This bird can make an excellent family pet. Unlike a few other species, Alexandrines are devoted birds who form strong bonds with several family members. They are quick to pick up tricks and skilled acrobats.

The Alexandrine parakeet are¬†attractive to both beginner and expert bird keepers, though it may not be suitable for the very young. However, someone who has successfully kept a parakeet or other small bird healthy and happy may be ready for the Alexandrine parakeet. Despite their large beaks, Alexandrine parakeets are not known to be aggressive and are quite friendly when given continuous attention. Alexandrines require a person who can provide them with a lot of time out of the cage because they are very friendly and love their human “flock.”


Alexandrine Parakeets Care and Feeding


Food and water must be provided on a daily basis.
Alexandrine parakeets eat a range of seeds, fruits, nuts, flowers, and leaf buds in the wild. You can also give them veggies and commercial pellets in addition of these items. Walnuts, pecans, and almonds with the shells shattered are favorites. They also eat the same nutrient-dense meals as people do, such as cooked chicken. Soft foods like cooked beans, rice, and grains are also popular, but they deteriorate in about four hours.


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