Abyssinian Guinea Pig for sale


Abyssinian Guinea Pig for sale


Abyssinian Guinea Pig for sale,the Abyssinian Guinea Pig has quite the distinctive look. They have a fur pattern consisting of 8 to 10 hair whorls, called rosettes. You could say that they always look like they’re having a bad hair day, but that is just part of their charm.

Despite the wild patterning of their coat they tend to keep themselves clean, and they require minimal care. The Abyssinian is often kept as a pet. Many become pets due to the difficulty of finding ones that are suitable for showing.

Abyssinian’s are great pets for children, or adults who are first-time guinea pig owners. This breed is known for being rather mischievous. But its friendly personality and tendency to clown around more than make up for any trouble it gets into. They can learn to come when called and get into their cages unassisted. Some can even learn to sit on command.


Care for an Abyssinian Guinea Pig for sale


Abyssinian guinea pigs require a little more care than your average breeds of guinea pigs, and some of that is down to caring for their coat.

The hair must be brushed at least once every couple of days to keep out any tangles. Abyssinian’s like to roam around their areas and play, and you may find that they pick up some debris in doing so.

Most guinea pig breeds are active, and these guinea pigs are no different. They are small creatures but love to run around and play.

If you are letting them out of their cage regularly, they will do just fine, but you can never go too big with their cages. The bigger the cage, the happier your little guinea pig is going to be.

If you find that you are not able to spend a lot of time with your guinea pig, then investing in a little friend for your pet may be the answer. If you do have the time to spend with your Abyssinian, then do so when they are out of their cages.

A large pen will give them enough space to stretch their legs out in, but an entire room is better. Many guinea pig owners dedicate an entire room to their pets, removing anything which may be dangerous before letting them out.

Another good way to give an Abyssinian attention is to brush its fur with a soft brush or even a toothbrush. They like the feeling of this kind of grooming and will happily sit for hours while you do their hair. This is not a requirement of caring for an Abyssinian, as the only place an Abyssinian will get knots is on their rear, when they age and compaction can occur. But brushing your Abyssinian’s coat will reduce fungal infections.


Food and Diet Requirements of Abyssinian Guinea Pigs


Abyssinian Guinea Pigs require the same diet and have the same dietary restrictions of any other guinea pig. Timothy hay is the most essential, and you should provide unlimited amounts of fresh, clean, slightly green hay. They also require plenty of vegetables, and you should feed them about one cup per day. You should supply mostly dark green vegetables, but you can also supply a few colored vegetables like carrots to boost vitamin C. Your hamster will also require ¼ cup of pellet food per day. This pellet food needs to be high quality fortified with vitamin C. It shouldn’t contain any preservatives or artificial colors.

Fruits are a treat. Too much fruit can cause digestive issues, so you can only give it sparingly. High-quality fruits like strawberries are best and will add vitamin C to your pet’s diet.


Abyssinian Guinea Pig Personality


Abyssinian guinea pigs have loud personalities—they act as definite individuals with their own characteristics, habits and idiosyncrasies. I have owned both Abyssinian and smooth-haired guinea pigs. The smooth-haired ones tended to be shyer and quieter, while the Abyssinian’s are more like leaders. Males have a more intense personality than the females, but whether this is due to hormones is unknown. This intensity can be interpreted as mischievousness or aggression, but it is really just part of their behavior.


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